New Age Fitness Coach And Entrepreneur Joe Carabase’s M.E.L.T. Fitness Promises “More Energy, Less Time”

New Age Fitness Coach And Entrepreneur Joe Carabase’s M.E.L.T. Fitness Promises “More Energy, Less Time” – And Aims To Empower 5,000 Connecticut Residents By 2015!

South Windsor, CT – September 15, 2011 – Combining his years of fitness training expertise with a lifelong entrepreneurial spirit, Joseph Carabase inched closer to his dream last year when he signed the lease on his first M.E.L.T. Fitness location in South Windsor. He recently opened a second location in Glastonbury, with a satellite facility Harwinton, and currently has 145 clients on his Boot Camp focused group personal training roster.

He’s off to a thriving start, and expects to have over 200 clients by the end of June. But the Connecticut native has even bigger goals for the motivated folks in his home state: “Our mission is to empower 5000 people throughout Connecticut to make changes in their lives fitness wise, through our training or online newsletter, by 2015.”

A lofty goal? Of course, but absolutely worth every grunt and ounce of sweat to see smiles of pride on the faces of clients that range from a very overweight 13 year old girl to a 75 year old who has never worked out before.

The M.E.L.T. Fitness Fat Burning Boot Camp is the only Hartford County boot camp or training studio that guarantees to crank the client’s energy levels, burn belly fat and tighten up the body in professionally designed 30 minute workouts. M.E.L.T. is confident that people can get as good results in their group personal training programs, so they offer group (boot camps) and small group (2:1 or 3:1 ratio) to allow a more affordable option then the traditional “luxury,” personal training expense.

The M.E.L.T. trainers are Professional Results Coaches who are able to adapt to multiple people all at once. The farthest thing possible from a cookie cutter box gym class, each workout is professionally designed to burn fat, build lean muscle, improve balance and functional movement and make the client feel amazing.

In addition, M.E.L.T.’s In-Home Training has been able to help people who would otherwise never workout. Coaches pay home visits with all the equipment necessary and deliver our rapid results 30 minute workouts. As they say on the website: “All you have to do is answer the door! We will motivate and coach you through the program!”


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