National Opioid Crisis Expert, Dynamic Speaker And Author, Dr. John Rosa Writes About 2022 Being Designated As The Year Of Integrative Health.

Dr. John P. Rosa, opioid crisis expert, author, and dynamic speaker, proposes that the confusion about health the pandemic caused has led to the positive effect of people taking greater charge of their health and wellbeing while demanding more holistic and integrative therapies.

ROCKVILLE, MD. May 11, 2022: Dr. John Rosa, dynamic speaker, national opioid crises expert, and co-author of The Recipe for Success with Jack Canfield, posted a new article on his website entitled “The Year of Integrative Health, ” in which Dr. Rosa announces that Academy of Integrative Health and Medicine (AIHM) has declared 2022 the Year of Integrative Health.

Dr. John P. RosaDr. Rosa writes, “Without question, the pandemic has been the cause of tremendous confusion about our healthcare system and medical care in general.” He goes on to add, “As one writer put it, “the pandemic (is) spurring a hunger for answers and options that improve overall wellbeing and prevent serious illness.”

“The good news,” says Dr. Rosa, “is that all the confusion has had a positive effect. It’s led to a shift that has consumers looking for ways to take greater charge when it comes to their health. As a result,” he states, “the demand for holistic, complementary, integrative, and alternative therapies is rising. In fact, recent figures show that nearly 40% of Americans are turning to integrative treatments for their health concerns. This includes nutritional supplements, chiropractic care and meditation.”

Dr. Rosa states, “This is music to my ears for so many reasons. First and foremost,” he writes, “is that greater numbers of people are becoming more attuned to their bodies, and they are demanding a seamless approach to “whole person” care.” He goes on to state, “This is causing a shift in the educational system as well. According to one article, “From University of Miami on the east coast to University of California Irvine on the west, some of the nation’s largest and most prestigious medical schools have added tracks dedicated to natural healing while the number of schools focused exclusively on integrative health and medicine continues to expand. The number of medical schools dedicated exclusively to the practice of integrative medicine is also on rise, like the Whole Health School of Medicine and Sciences recently founded by Walmart heir Alice Walton in Bentonville, Ark.”

Dr. Rosa also addresses the fact that some “forward thinking” insurance companies are also meeting the demand. This, according to Dr. Rosa is why “The Academy of Integrative Health and Medicine (AIHM) has declared 2022 the Year of Integrative Health. The time is now to make integrative health an integral component of

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About John P. Rosa

Dr. John Rosa owns and supervises ABC Management, which is comprised of 21 integrative health clinics in Maryland and Virginia that sees over 60,000 patient visits per year. ABC Clinics combine medicine, chiropractic, physical therapy, acupuncture and behavioral medicine to give a comprehensive multidisciplinary approach to pain syndromes and musculoskeletal disorders. Active in sports medicine with consulting/treating college, professional and Olympic athletes. Founder of Accessible Wellness Solutions – an onsite corporate wellness program offering consulting, lectures and management of onsite clinics.


  • Northeast College of Health Sciences – DC 1992
  • Rutgers University – BS 1989

Integrative Medicine Specialist:

  • Current Board Chair to Maryland University of Integrative Health
  • Trustee of Northeast College of Health Sciences for over 15 years serving final 3-year term as Chairman of the Board and given the honor or Board Emeritus post service.
  • Consultant on Integrative Medicine to hospital cancer center
  • Reduced opioid prescriptions up to 70% by integrating Chiropractic, physical therapy and behavioral medicine in a primary care setting
  • Expert/Speaker – Educating medical community on the Integrative Medicine approach to treating pain
  • Executive Medical Director – Nu-Life Solutions – maker of a neuromodulation devise to treat pain, anxiety, depression, sleeplessness and withdrawals form opioid addiction
  • Medical Advisor – Outreach Recovery – a group of expert clinicians and health care professionals who specialize in substance abuse and drug addiction treatment, mental health counseling, and psychiatric management. Largest addiction treatment group in the Mid-Atlantic region
  • Chief Science Officer – Get A-Head – a SaaS platform company that provides a telehealth application in training and delivery of mental health care while incorporating cutting-edge AI technologies

Opioid Crisis Expert:

  • White House Surrogate/Consultant
  • Law Enforcement Consultant (Homeland Security, CBP, DOJ, DEA, FDA, FBI and U.S. Postal)
  • State, National, and International Consultant to Opioid Task Forces
  • Corporate and professional organization consultant
  • Currently working on PSA music and cinema projects with the Russo Brothers (directors/producers of the Marvel Avenger films)

Current Research and Publications:

  • New-Life Solutions – Research medical director for “The H.O.P.E. Initiative for Addiction”
  • Italian Chiropractic Association – Member of the Scientific Research Committee
  • Publication:
    • Journal of Manipulative and Physiological Therapeutics
    • “Changes in Opioid Therapy Use by an Interprofessional Primary Care Team: A Descriptive Study of Opioid Prescription Data” by John Rosa, DC and Jeanmarie R. Burke, PhD
    • Published: April 17, 2021

Community Leadership:

  • Founder of “Overdose Free America” a nonprofit which uses the power of celebrity and entertainment to bring the Opioid Crisis the visibility and support it deserves
  • Lectures to community, corporations, universities and medical community on the opioid and mental health crises have reached over 100,000 people.
  • Production of “BACKBONE” The story of proactive healthcare vs. reactive disease care that was focused on our active and retired military. A documentary by Wellbeing Films
  • Co-Producer of “It’s Happening Right Here” The story of how sex trafficking has infiltrated our country with almost no public awareness
  • Volunteer at Crossroads Freedom Center – a residential facility in Maryland to help overcome addiction
  • Board member – #Same Here Global Mental Health Movement – 501c3 dedicated to delivering resources and programing on better ways to treat mental health other then medicatio

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