National Credit Federation President Dave Fulk Says Smart Spenders May Have More to Gain Using Credit Instead of Debit Cards

Tampa, FL — Mar 8, 2015 — Dave Fulk, president of National Credit Federation, published a new blog post entitled “What’s Smarter: Credit or Debit Cards?” In the post, he explains that responsible spenders have more to gain from using credit cards than they do from debit cards, though the switch to credit should only be undertaken by those who are financially responsible enough to avoid credit card debt.

Fulk says, “Many people automatically assume that if you’re trying to save money and improve your credit, debit cards are a smarter choice than credit cards. After all, credit cards pose the risk of insurmountable debt, while the worst that can happen with debit cards is an overdraft fee or two. But if you compare credit and debit, the answer isn’t as cut-and-dried as you may think. Credit cards have an important place in the financial ecosystem for people responsible enough to use them.”

Dave Fulk, NACSO, CCRA, is the president of National Credit Federation and a national speaker on finance and credit. He has over 10 years of experience in the financial industry, specializing in finance, mortgages, and credit.

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About National Credit Federation:

National Credit Federation helps people accomplish their financial goals through credit repair, debt settlement, student loan consolidation, and business funding. The NCF mission is to help members who are currently in or have successfully come through a financial crisis improve their creditworthiness, allowing them to achieve their credit objectives, including home ownership. This mission is accomplished by providing members with access to resources not normally available to “non-credit worthy” consumers, such as financing, banking, credit lines, professional legal assistance, tax advice, personal financial coaching, and personal financial education. One of the oldest and most trusted companies in the nation, NCF has been featured in Forbes magazine, USA Today Yahoo Finance and 27 other major news outlets. They have an A rating with the BBB and have over 600+ testimonials from previous clients they have helped.

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