Multi-Cultural Entrepreneur Ying Han Creates Bridges Between China and USA

Ying Han, Multi-cultural entrepreneur, follows her dream and creates bridges between China and The U.S. (her two homelands) with her recently launched speakers bureau.

Upton, MA – A truly international force of nature, Ying Han has found unique ways to build business and cultural bridges between her two homelands, her birthplace of China and the U.S. For the past 21 years, Han, who is of Korean heritage and Chinese origin, continued to dream about finding the right niche on the global stage.

While working for corporate America until 2008, Han had advanced successfully by taking on challenging responsibilities that allowed her to learn continuously. She started experimenting with various investment projects and part-time independent international consulting jobs, working toward to be an independent, successful entrepreneur. Her persistent vision was that she play a role on an international business “stage” between China and the US, driven by a belief that she can do more with her multi-cultural background than just working for corporate America or working in the field of high tech.

With her total personality package, she has built an extensive human network in China, laying a solid foundation for her newly founded Speakers Bureau/agency business.

This past year, Han launched a Speakers Bureau, a new venture that expands her reach into Asia from the world of technology into the highly valued realm of executive training. Her company represents well-known American speakers for personal development and executive training in the Asian markets. Currently, her most prominent clients are the business development expert and best-selling author Brian Tracy and Will Bowen, author of the international bestseller “A Complaint Free World.” Han is collaborating with Tracy on several key projects, contributing a chapter to his new book “Push To The Front” and co-authoring with Tracy a new book for the Chinese market.

Han’s Speakers Bureau is growing to be a major force in the Chinese executive training market. Bowen’s popularity has opened the door for her.  Tracy’s solid reputation and great content builds her brand image in China. Her partnership with Tsinghua University, the top university in China, gives her business credibility and easy approval by the government. With her strong network in China, she is aiming to offer best-of-class executive training in China, with backings of a top-notch speakers agency in the US.


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