Motivational Speaker and Sales Expert Tina Meitl Reveals Success and Failure Habits

Author, Transformational Motivational Speaker and Sales Superstar, Tina Meitl, recognizes the habits of action and non-action that lead to success or failure in all aspects of life, be it business or personal.

OBERLIN, KS – August 10, 2016 – Tina Meitl, Sales Superstar, Motivational Speaker and co-author of the best-selling book, Success Manifesto with Brian Tracy has posted a new blog on her website entitled, Successful People Form Habits and So Do Those Who Fail.” Ms. Meitl states right up front that, “ The fact of the matter is that successful people form habits that lead to success while those who continuously fail form habits that lead to failure.”

Tina Meitl“Those who fail,” writes Meitl, “just don’t see or recognize the patterns of their habitually repeated actions or in many cases, non-actions. This is the common denominator in all aspects of life professionally and personally.”

According to Meitl, “The patterns that lead to success and/or failure can be seen early in life. We can start with students. What is the one thing that the majority of failing students don’t like to do?  Study!” She continues adding, “Students who pass with flying colors and go on to honors like to study, they like to learn and they ask a lot of questions. This is something you can see later in life too.”

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About Tina Meitl

Tina M Meitl is a motivational public speaker who shares her message of transformation with audiences internationally and throughout the United States. She also is an insurance agent for Farm Bureau Financial Services, where she builds a connection and is able to help her clients make solid financial decisions while also finding the inspiration in their difficulties to use as a catalyst in creating something superb.

Tina has received many honors such as Life Rookie of the Year, Heritage, Blue Vase Elite and many more. Amongst these honors Tina also graduated from the University of Kansas Graduate School of Business, and she now holds her agent’s license in Nebraska and Kansas. Most recently she is the co-author of the book Success Manifesto with Brian Tracy, and is in the final stages of being certified with the John Maxwell Team.

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