Mission Accomplished! Deb Cheslow Provides Game Changing Principles for Remarkable Success

A true teacher and strategist who will empower your organization just as she has many Air Force pilots

Ponce Inlet, FL – February 12, 2013 –  As a former Air Force Instructor Pilot who taught airmen to fly advanced supersonic jets and a 3rd Degree Black Belt in Karate, Deb Cheslow demonstrates how to reach goals that most people dream of yet few ever achieve – she gets RESULTS THAT COUNT!  Cheslow exemplifies the power of living a courageous life and accomplishing what are generally perceived to be impossible objectives.  In her new book, Remarkable Courage, she shares a systemized strategy for success focusing on four key foundational pillars – discipline, accountability, standards and systems.

Cheslow has watched numerous successes as a result of individuals applying her proven strategies.  Entire groups have dynamically changed as a result of the implementation of the four pillars of success she teaches.

She remarks, “When I’m giving a keynote speech or conducting a training or strategy session and sharing these pillars, I see the same scenario play out time and time again.  I address the team goal, but in the room I can see the light bulbs go off on an individual level because the concepts I teach tend to grab each person at their core.  So what happens is that all those individuals don’t just take the concepts I am teaching, get hyped up about it at that moment, then forget about it in a week.  They don’t just put a few of my systems in place to better their job or take their professional life further.  But, they start applying these principles in all areas of their lives.  Think about the power of that.  If every person in your organization or company is quantum leaping on a personal basis, then the organization as a whole can’t help but just explode forward.  I see it time and time again.”

She continues, “I am basically telling people to have the courage to put logic aside.  Logic is based on the past and it’s guaranteed to keep you stuck.  If you stay strong, stay focused, dream big and really learn these four foundational pillars along with putting in place the systems and tools I provide, you can’t help but to achieve phenomenal things.”

Among her many accomplishments, Cheslow is author of the best-selling book, The Simple Success Solution and her most recent best-seller, Release – The Simple Success Solution for Real and Permanent Weight Loss.  Along with her USAF and martial arts credentials, Cheslow is a certified consultant and facilitator, as well as a Certified Fitness Professional with the International Sports Science Association (ISSA).  Cheslow has appeared on numerous radio programs nationally as an expert in her field and has spoken at dozens of venues throughout the country.  Cheslow has also been a contributing writer to Think Healthy Magazine.  Deb Cheslow is scheduled to be the featured guest on an upcoming edition of America’s PremierExperts® Television program.

Because of her contribution to her industry and her outstanding business success, Deb Cheslow is being featured as one of the leading Champions of Health, Wealth and Success in Newsweek Magazine.  Additional information about Deb Cheslow and her business can be found at www.debcheslow.com.

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