Mike Fernandes’ Longtime Passion For Athletic Training Evolves Into The Power of Infinite Fitness

Open Just Over Two Years, His Fall River, MA Based Facility Specializes In Athletic And Weight Loss Training For Its Fast Growing Clientele

Fall River, MA – January 9, 2015Mike Fernandes earned his degree from the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth and quickly achieved his goal of being a middle school teacher. A fitness class back in high school sparked a lifelong passion that inspired him at the same time to pursue his equally important goal to become a trainer. Both areas of his professional life are guided by the same basic principle rooted in the importance of making a personal connection with students and clients.

“It’s a great quote I like to use in the school environment,” says Fernandes, who launched his quickly growing facility Infinite Fitness Sports Performance Institute, in 2011  in Fall River, MA.

“Students don’t care what you know, until they first know that you care. It is the same with athletes – they want to know their trainer is passionate about getting them to the next level. You can be a great trainer knowledge-wise, but if you aren’t truly passionate about getting your client, or the athlete you’re working with to the next level in their training or competition, they won’t buy into what you’re sharing, and won’t reach their full potential.”

In the mid 2000s, he had the perfect opportunity to put his talents in the fitness arena to use, working on shoulder care and rotational power for his brother Kyle, who was drafted into the Boston Red Sox minor league system and pitched for various teams until he retired in 2011.

Word got around about Fernandes’ success with Kyle – including training him to get stronger and more explosive in his delivery – and he soon had a booming clientele of athletes of many disciplines, from professional MMA to college baseball and softball, minor league ballplayers, college, high school and middle school soccer, basketball, softball and track competitors.

More than half of the now 100 plus members of Infinite Fitness are athletes and Fernandes is quick to point out some prominent individual success stories. He cites a recent profile in the local paper about a teenage girl softball player signed to go to a Division II school in Pennsylvania. Fernandes and his team helped add 11 mph to her pitching velocity. They also train a female athlete that finished #5 in the country in the Division III Hammer Throw and #7 in the Penn Relays.

As referrals began to grow, the facility started doing weight loss training, with specialties in strength based semi-private training and Metabolic Resistance Training, whose goals are burning calories, destroying fat and gaining lean muscle.

In November 2013, Infinite Fitness was recognized in the Fall River Herald, the local newspaper that called it “just what the doctor ordered – literally.” The publication says it’s “not your typical gym. It’s a training facility, unlike any other in the area that specifically caters to the athlete’s needs.”

Earlier in the year, Fernandes was named the official strength and conditioning coach of the New Bedford Bay Sox, who are part of the NECBL, an elite college summer baseball league that produces many professional ballplayers.

Infinite Fitness provides individualized programs that teach all athletes how to get the most out of themselves by increasing their functional strength, speed, endurance and range of motion – all while decreasing their risk of injury. Clients are first put through a rigorous assessment process to check for any issues connected to their range of motion or muscular imbalances that may be limiting their performance and could lead to injury. Individualized plans consist of soft tissue work and corrective exercises to fix mobility issues, dynamic warm up, plyometrics, agility, strengthening, regeneration and conditioning. The approximately 4,000 square foot space has a lot of sports specific equipment, including Astroturf, tires, ropes, slide boards, hurdles and power sleds.

The weight loss and metabolic resistance element of Infinite Fitness was a natural outgrowth of the group boot camp training sessions Fernandes and his team offered as they were raising funds to start the facility. Many non athletes wanted to start training there, and true to his desire to help people achieve fitness success, Fernandes developed customizable nutrition programs, strength based semi private training and metabolic resistance training.

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