Mike Cheng: Chinese-American Entrepreneur Paves the Way for Others to Harness a Productive Relationship with China

Flushing, NY – March 3, 2012 – There’s been much talk over the past few years of how important China has become to our global economy. Mike Cheng, originally on a quest to learn more about his heritage, is working to connect U.S. citizens to China through his business Mando Mandarin.

Mando Mandarin teaches Chinese to American schools, businesses and individuals, but it’s about more than that. Mike says, “I believe in bringing people together by building bridges of understanding and opening channels of communication, by connecting people through language and culture first.”

Mando Mandarin teachers use webcams and distance-learning software to teach in real-time. Mike says, “Our classes are easier, more fun, more engaging, and less intimidating. Many other programs force learners to spend a lot of time self-studying. Our lessons are recorded so you can review at any time. We work hard to ensure that you don’t fall behind your learning goals.”

A New York City native, Mike began taking regular trips to China in 2002 and became fascinated with the country of his heritage. He lived in Shanghai for a year in 2007. Mike recalls with a laugh, “My Mandarin was terrible. There were language schools in Shanghai, but I didn’t find the programs effective.”

Mike dreamed of opening his own school to teach Chinese in a way that would keep people engaged. It became apparent that “an online school made more sense.” Mando Mandarin was born, starting out as one-to-one web-based tutoring program for American professionals who needed to learn the language for business purposes.

After focusing on schools over the past couple of years, Mando Mandarin is now re-focusing on business professionals. This is timely as China surpassed Japan in 2010 to become the world’s second largest economy. Business professionals can expand their reach to the nearly 1.4 billion people in China with the two-hour, ten-hour and twenty-hour Mando Mandarin courses available to individuals. Courses can be tailored to a specific client. For example, teachers will teach terminology particular to the auto industry if the student works in the auto industry.

Traveling to Shanghai twice a year, Mike is building a Sino-American business network. More importantly, he’s building understanding.

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