Michael D’Adamo Rising to the T.O.P.

At a time when many question the reality of the American dream, Michael D’Adamo, the founder and C.E.O. of T.O.P. Marketing Group, embodies it.

Forest Hills, NY – November 28. 2011 – Michael D’Adamo, a self-made, thirty-three year-old, came up the hard way in the rough and tumble housing projects of East New York, Brooklyn. He began his business in December of 1996, when he was only eighteen. Just two years later, he formed his first corporation and at twenty-two he made his first million dollars.

D’Adamo is a marketing expert and business coach, who recently co-authored Pushing To The Front: Front Line Strategies From The World’s Leading Experts with Brian Tracy and others who offer business strategies that assist readers to adapt and thrive in the new economy. Released in Oct. 2011, the book has reached best-seller status in three separate Amazon.com categories.

D’Adamo leads a network of more than seventy offices around the nation with a marketing presence in over twenty states. This number is projected to double by 2012.

T.O.P. is now a thirteen-year-old, nationwide, direct marketing network that serves the cutting edge of Fortune 500 companies as well as small and mid-sized business ventures seeking to expand market shares. Turnkey sales solutions produce results that exceed client expectations. The company brings customers the best of the best — from the products created by the deregulation of energy, telecommunications and fiber-optics markets to the jazzy, high-tech marvels that define life on the cutting edge.

D’Adamo is proud of developing T.O.P.’s Leadership Development Program through which he has coached more than sixty people into ownership of their own business.

D’Adamo has also founded socially conscious business ventures that include an accredited Daycare and After School Center, a Drug Treatment Center, several Sober Houses, and Italian Cafe that serves fresh, healthy foods.

His new nationwide child safety campaign uses a children’s board game called Safetyville™ to assist parents in teaching their kids important tips on making safe choices. School districts, parent groups, churches and merchants are participating in this campaign. There are currently Child Safety Nights occurring throughout the country.

“I’ve learned that people are life’s true bottom line. I believe in being a Go-Giver rather than just a Go-Getter,” he says.

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