Mercantile Commercial Capital, LLC Reorganizes for Nationwide Expansion

ALTAMONTE SPRINGS, Fla. — Mercantile Commercial Capital, LLC, the six-year-old Altamonte Springs firm that ranks as one of the nation’s leading providers of U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) 504 loans for small business owners who want to acquire or develop their own facilities, has reorganized and refocused its efforts on a nationwide expansion. 

Geof Longstaff, chairman of the firm, said the expansion will substantially enhance the firm’s volume and its impact on the national economy. 

“We have developed a highly successful strategy to deliver commercial financing to growing small business enterprises that are creating job growth in the economy,” Longstaff said. 

“Our objective is to take our strategy nationwide and we have reorganized our senior management staff in order to achieve this goal.  In addition, we are significantly expanding our capital base to support this new initiative,” Longstaff said. 

Longstaff said the firm has rebranded itself Mercantile Capital Corporation, with a nationwide sales effort to be based in Altamonte Springs. 

Longstaff said plans are under way now to expand Mercantile’s sales nationally and to take advantage of the lack of active lending capacity presently in the marketplace. 

Christopher G. Hurn, co-founder and president of the firm, has been appointed chief executive officer of Mercantile Capital Corporation. Hurn, who created the firm’s highly successful marketing and communications strategy and guided it since its inception, will focus his efforts on expanding the company’s nationwide scope. 

Shannon Marks, who is a graduate of Notre Dame University and has over 19 years of commercial banking experience, has been appointed president and chief operating officer at Mercantile Capital Corporation, Longstaff said. 

Over the past six years Mercantile has provided commercial loans valued at more than $346 million and currently ranks as the largest provider of SBA-504 loans in the southeast region. 

“All of us are proud of the success we have enjoyed and excited about our new direction and the opportunity to have a real and positive impact on the national economy,” Longstaff said. 

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