Mercantile Commercial Capital Launches Stimulus Response Team to Analyze Federal Stimulus Plan, Help Small Businesses Benefit

ORLANDO, Fla. – February 18, 2009 – As the $787 billion federal stimulus package takes effect and approximately $730 million is allocated for programs under the Small Business Administration, SBA lender Mercantile Commercial Capital has created a “Stimulus Response Team” comprised of its executives to analyze and respond to the opportunities that the plan makes available for small businesses.  Its initial analysis includes the following: 

·      The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act’s reduction of loan fees for the flagship SBA loan-guarantee programs represents substantial opportunities for small businesses.  Many companies will be able to save tens of thousands of dollars in upfront costs and fees while securing more favorable rates and terms that are only available through the SBA. 

·      The refinancing option for the SBA “504” loan program for commercial real estate is going to offer significant opportunities for small and mid-size businesses to expand.  By enabling businesses to take advantage of the reduced fees as well as the favorable rates and terms of this loan program, they will be able to secure the capital that they need to grow.

·      There has never been a better time to invest in new equipment.  The reduced fees of the SBA 504 for equipment loans combined with the expansion through 2009 of the “Section 179” deduction, which allows businesses to deduct upfront the entire cost of new machinery and equipment, makes this the absolute best year for small and mid-size companies to add new systems and technology to become more efficient. 

“While there is definitely more that the government and SBA can do to help small businesses to fulfill their ultimate potential for revitalizing the economy and spurring growth, the stimulus plan that was signed by the president offers significant opportunities for small businesses,” said Christopher Hurn, president and CEO of MCC.  “In addition to the measures that offer savings and incentives for the borrowers, its other changes aimed at thawing the secondary market will encourage the banks to expand their SBA lending.  We see brighter days ahead for the small businesses in the United States that are responsible for creating 70 percent of the new jobs for the national economy.” 

As part of MCC’s new Stimulus Response Team, the company is adding information to its Web site and blog on the specific measures and changes for the SBA under the stimulus plan.  It is also initiating various outreach efforts to inform its borrowers, prospects and business partners about the measures and how they impact small businesses.  

Recently named to the Inc. 500 list of America’s Fastest Growing Companies, Mercantile Commercial Capital (MCC) has been called the “Fastest Growing Commercial Lender in America,” the “most unique and entrepreneurial bankers around,” and the “fun bankers.” From its start in late 2002, MCC has focused on providing SBA 504 loans for small business owners to acquire or enhance their own facilities. The company was named “Best Place to Work” by the Orlando Business Journal in 2005, 2006 and 2007. 

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