Mercantile Capital Corporation Provides Commercial Real Estate Loan To Dental Office In Chicago Worth More Than $500 Thousand

Altamonte Springs, Fla./April 15, 2009Mercantile Capital Corporation, which ranks as one of the nation’s leading providers of U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) 504 loans for small business owners who want to acquire or develop their own facilities, closed a commercial loan for Park West Dental on April 2nd, 2009 for $540,000 in total project costs. 

Park West Dental, based in Chicago, emphasizes the prevention of dental problems before they arise and treatment of dental problems in the most conservative manner possible.  They offer cosmetic dentistry, teeth whitening, and porcelain veneer services, in addition to regular checkups and cleanings.  “My contacts at Mercantile were very knowledgeable and prompt in anything from returning phone calls to addressing my concerns,” said Dr. Akhil Jagadeesh, owner.  Please visit for more information.  

The SMARTChoice Commercial Loan Program helps owners of small to mid-sized businesses, like the Park West Dental, have an opportunity to create wealth and financial freedom.  Their specialization in SMARTChoice Commercial Loans, also known as SBA 504’s, allow borrowers, like Dr. Jagadeesh, to own their commercial property with the highest cash-on-cash return financing available, without tying up their precious capital, so they can grow even faster. 

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Chris Hurn, Mercantile Capital Corporation, 407-786-5040

Robin Lashley, Mercantile Capital Corporation, 407-786-5040


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