Medical Director of New Image Cosmetic and Medical Centre Signs Publishing Deal With CelebrityPress To Release Champions

Dr. Lorne C. Poon, has signed a publishing deal with CelebrityPress, a leading business, marketing and health book publishing company, along with other Celebrity Experts® from across the country to release the book, “Champions”

Edmonton, AB – December 26, 2011 – Dr. Lorne Poon, of New Image Cosmetic and Medical Centre, and a select group of America’s leading experts on a broad array of subjects have joined together to co-write the forthcoming book titled, Champions: Knockout Strategies For Health, Wealth and Success From Today’s Leading Experts. Nick Nanton, Esq. along with business partner, JW Dicks, Esq., recently signed a publishing deal with each of these authors to contribute their expertise to the book, which will be released under their CelebrityPress™ imprint.  The book is tentatively scheduled for release on January 26, 2012.

Dr. Poon is an experienced physician dedicated to the art and science of cosmetic medical treatments. Well-experienced and formally educated, Dr. Poon earned his M.D. in 1979 from the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Alberta, a recognized leading institution in medicine and health sciences. He then completed his residency at Victoria Hospital at the University of Western Ontario before moving into private practice in 1983. Dr. Poon has been featured in The Wall Street Journal, and has been seen on the online homes of major publications such as Yahoo!Finance, CNBC, The Boston Globe, The Miami Herald, Morningstar, Los Angeles Daily News, MarketWatch, and New York Daily News and many others

New Image Cosmetic and Medical Centre offers leading treatments to reverse the negative effects of stress, reduced activity, age and the sun. Rejuvenate your skin, remove excess hair, reshape your contours – and more – under the guidance of medical professionals.

The book, Champions: Knockout Strategies For Health, Wealth and Success From Today’s Leading will feature top advice from some of the most successful experts from around the world. These authors will be sharing business strategies and real-life solutions that will guide the reader down the championship lane of success.  They will share strategies that will promote success in business and life.

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Celebrity Press™ is a business book publisher that publishes books from thought leaders around the world. Celebrity Press™ specializes in helping its authors grow their businesses through book publishing. Celebrity Press™ has published books alongside Brian Tracy, Dr. Ivan Misner, Ron Legrand, Mari Smith, Kelly O’Neil, Alexis Martin Neely and many of the biggest experts across diverse fields.

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