Matthew Linklater, Sales Trainer, Personal Coach and Business Mentor Expert, Publishes a New Article Explaining the Benefits of “Perception is Projection” for Attracting Luck.

Matthew Linklater, author of Quick Witted: Saying the Right Thing to Win Big and trainer in the areas of business and personal success, writes about leveraging techniques in repositioning the context of circumstances to change its meaning for better.

Chicago, IL – SEPTEMBER 17, 2010– Matthew Linklater, certified practitioner and coach of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, expert in Time Line TherapyTM, hypnotist, speaker and author, recently published an article on his website ( about a scientific study’s published findings on the elements of producing lucky outcomes in our lives. The article, titled “Perception is Projection: Make Your Sales Team Luckier,” delves into the three pillars of becoming more lucky – seeing chance opportunities, interpreting our circumstances positively and reframing our minds when things don’t go our way.

Linklater writes, “Isn’t luck something you either have or don’t have? Don’t things seem to simply go well for some, while others struggle to get life to go their way so they can achieve what they want? … if you are typically an unlucky person, then how can you experience outrageous success in your corporate sales or management position?”

“After teaching the communication model of “perception is projection” in my business sales training program, professionals in my courses have become more likely to experience “luck” because their more positive thoughts lead to more success-driving beliefs in their abilities and talents. Your actions will reflect those beliefs, and you’ll see the sales results that you’re longing for,” argues Linklater.

Matthew Linklater, and his business partner and fiancée, Denise Wayman, specialize in Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Time Line Therapy® and hypnosis. They help clients with personal development, positive thinking and action orientation – teaching others to effectively identify and grab hold of their dreams. The dynamic success mentoring team also works with individual clients on their career goals and business teams on sales and performance goals, to manifest extraordinary success for top-line growth and bottom-line profits. Together, Matthew and Denise have a revolutionary Live Your Vision process that aligns mind, body and spirit in the right direction for success.

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About Matthew Linklater:

Author, Speaker and Success Coach, Matthew Linklater, offers powerful business consulting and high-impact personal coaching. He has trained business leaders to increase in the critical areas of sales coaching, building instant rapport with others, 3D Communication for negotiation and conflict resolution, motivation of team members, goal achievement, product scripting and leadership. His personal coaching methods incorporate powerful NLP techniques, Time Line Therapy®, the Live Your Vision experience and the Ericksonian Hypnosis method. Matthew Linklater is the author of Quick Witted: Saying the Right Thing to Win Big, and can be found speaking, training or writing the final pages of his upcoming book, Basic Training: Sales Boot Camp.

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