Master Developer For Turkey, Dilek Emir, Completes First International Certification For Distinctive Health and Exercise Franchise SuperSlow Zone

Madeline Ross, CEO of exercise franchise SuperSlow Zone, LLC, announces the successful completion of the first two international IACET governed Level I certifications.

Orlando, Fla. – December 10, 2010 – SuperSlow Zone®, LLC, proudly celebrates the success of their Master Developer for the country of Turkey, Mrs. Dilek Emir, as she certified her first two Level I Instructors.  Founder and CEO of SuperSlow Zone® Madeline Ross said, “We are very proud of Dilek and her two new instructors, Hülya Yazan and Gulay Cipil, who passed our rigorous Level I certification exams. Dilek was certified as a Level III – Qualified Certifier in March 2010. She possesses the knowledge and ability to certify Level I Instructors.”

“Dilek translated all of our certification materials into Turkish, coached and educated her instructors and then certified them to our IACET-governed standards ( This proves the viability of our international development based on the exceptionally high standards for personnel development, Level I Instructors, who are the cornerstone of our franchise,” continued Ross.

Mrs. Dilek Emir remarked, “I am so very happy to announce that our first two Level I certifications in Istanbul, Turkey have been successfully completed.  I congratulate Hülya and Gulay for their hard work, culminating in their certifications. I am so very proud of both of them.”

“We all had the excitement of performing the first international certification of SuperSlow Zone®. Coaching and certifying Hülya and Gulay to SuperSlow Zone® and IACET standards was a privilege for me.  Together we have proven that our rigorous certification standards can, and will, be upheld as SuperSlow Zone® develops internationally,” Mrs. Emir continued.

“Our Physical Therapist Hülya Yazan’s ambition to work and her unbelievable performance enabled her achieve a score of 98% in the exams.  Hülya’s knowledge and understanding of the SuperSlow® material is unique because, like our US Physical Therapists that are certified in SuperSlow®, her knowledge, skill and care for clients/patients is unique by combining her medical knowledge with the SuperSlow® protocol,” said Mrs. Emir.  “We are pleased to have the chance to work with Hülya and to celebrate our success, we have been asked to appear this week on a well known TV show in Istanbul, ‘Ask Your Doctor.’ This is wonderful because our commitment is to help all of the people of Turkey live healthy, fit, robust lives.”

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About SuperSlow Zone®, LLC:

SuperSlow® personal strength training celebrates a 27-year history of helping people achieve optimal strength and health in minimum time. SuperSlow® is the original, accredited, high-intensity, low-force strengthening exercise protocol. It was created and developed out of a $3.2 million osteoporosis study in 1982 at the University of Florida, School of Medicine.

SuperSlow Zone® is a distinctive health and exercise franchise that exclusively delivers SuperSlow® strength training to busy people of all ages throughout the world.  SSZ has US locations in retail center and medical practices and international expansion through the development of SSZ throughout the country of Turkey. SSZ is currently developing in corporations with their corporate wellness program. Clients/patients achieve and maintain strong, healthy and attractive bodies through a 20-minute work out, two times a week, in an ideally cooled and ventilated, distraction-free, clinical exercise environment. SSZ ensures that a Certified SuperSlow® Instructor is focused on achieving and sustaining client results. Other options available include healthy eating coaching for optimal weight and health goals.

SuperSlow Zone® is accredited by the prestigious IACET (

IACET also accredits the American Physical Therapy Association, National Institute of Health, Centers for Disease Control and, Duke University Medical Center, Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) Corporate University, GE Healthcare and many others. SSZ achieved and maintains this accreditation to ensure the highest standards of service and care for its clients.

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