Master Clothier Tom Comeau Publishes a New Article Boasting a Full Introduction to His Professional Background in Fashion Design

Tom Comeau, Founder of Michael Thomas Clothiers, prestigious custom tailoring and fashion consultation company, features an informative article explaining his path to custom tailored clothing mastery.

Washington, D.C.  – September 27, 2011 Tom Comeau, Founder of Michael Thomas Clothiers, prestigious custom tailoring and fashion consultation company, recently published an article on his website that explains who he really is, based on his educational and professional history. The article, titled “Meet the Man Behind the Suits: Tom Cameau,” offers detailed information on Tom’s journey to excellence in his high profile clothing retail business.

Comeau writes, “The man behind the suits began his path studying custom clothing at the Men’s Retail Association, followed by Hart Shaffner Marx factory in Chicago. His educational pursuit of fine clothing took him to Mongtomery College next, to obtain a degree in Fashion Design. Finally, Tom became a Fashion Merchandiser, certified by the Menswear Retailers of America. He further built his expertise by training closely with master tailors at Raleigh’s Haberdasher, where he perfected his skills in styling and design, and quickly began winning the recognition of widespread awards.”

“Tom’s extensive experience offers customers 35 years of tailoring and fashion mastery. Having started in show sales as a teenager, Tom grew to love the fashion industry for its ability to provide customers with an unparalleled cut, style and fit that’s designed with the buyer’s personality and lifestyle in mind. For Tom, it was love at first fitting. Fabrics, colors, trends… fashion has maintained a central stronghold on Tom’s heart throughout his specialized career. His goal is to introduce custom clothing to his clients that guarantee an appearance of sophistication, elegance and professionalism,” reports Comeau.

Michael Thomas Clothiers has been providing high style, custom tailored clothing for men and women for decades. The family-owned business offers their clients a lifetime of experience and expertise. Whether working with a client on a custom wardrobe consultation, personal fitting, alterations, or valet services, each client is treated with the utmost care and service. Clients of Michael Thomas Clothiers enjoy prestigious clothing that takes their image to the next level, socially and professionally.

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Michael Thomas Clothiers is proud to partner with Darrin Hawkins of Eye Street Essentials, who has 20 years of entrepreneurial experience in his concierge business (shoe care, dry cleaning and more).

About Michael Thomas Clothiers:

M.T. Clothiers has a passion: Making clients look their very best with custom clothing of unparalleled quality and design. Founder, Tom Comeau, has decades of experience selecting luxurious fabrics and meticulously designing garments that fit the personal and professional image of each individual customer, both gentlemen and ladies.

About Tom Comeau:

Tom brings a rich 35-year experience in tailoring and fashion to his work at M.T. Clothiers. He started his journey into the world of fashion, working in the shoe industry as a teen, and he also studied at the Hart Shaffner Marx Factory in Chicago. He has trained with master tailors at Raleigh’s Haberdasher, perfecting his skills in styling and design and winning many awards for his work. He is certified by the Men’s Retail Association as well. Tom can offer you a perfect fit, elegant design and professional service that will result in suits, jackets, trousers and shirts that enhance your image and will prove to be an investment for years to come.

About the Michael Thomas Clothiers Team:

Tom is joined at M.T. Clothiers by wife Lori, son Michael and daughter Kristen in a growing family business that has acquired an extremely loyal following.  M.T. Clothiers will ensure a proper fit in garments that not only flatter clients, but convey an air of sophistication, elegance and professionalism – benefitting every life endeavor, whether it is in the business or social arena. If only the exceptional will do, contact Tom, Lori, Michael or Kristen. This top-performing team promises a shopping experience that will exceed expectations, and custom clothing that will ensure every client stands out from the rest.

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