Marketing ROI Expert, “ROI Guy” Richard Seppala, Offers Health Professionals A Mystery Video Patient Service

Richard Seppala, known as the “ROI Guy™”, recently published an article about his powerful and effective new tool for doctors and dentists to measure their practice efficiency and in-house ROI. 

Orlando, Fla. – June 3, 2010 – Richard Seppala, ROI (Return on Investment) Marketing expert and best-selling author also know as “ROI Guy,” provides health professionals across the country with marketing tracking systems that puts the power and ease of ‘online’ precision results tracking on autopilot for offline marketing campaigns. Recently, Richard published an article on his website,, called “Get The Real Picture Of Your Patient Procedure.”

In the article, Richard explains how his Video Mystery Patient service helps doctors and dentists effectively evaluate how their practice is being run, and if they are providing the proper and expected patient treatment and customer service.  This ROI measurement system provides practices with mystery patients, equipped with a small, hidden camera, to record the entire patient experience from the minute they walk in the door, until they leave.  The video provides for the staff a first-hand look at their practice from the eyes of the patient, and allow for constructive criticism or praise where needed.

Richard Seppala writes, “If you’re a doctor or dentist, you may hear about a problem with how a patient was treated at your practice. But you may write it off as exaggeration or an isolated incident. The problem, again, is you can’t see what happened. So you can’t really know what the situation was. Or if it’s a situation that happens on too regular a basis.” 

“A Video Mystery Patient is the ultimate reality check for any practice, because the camera doesn’t lie – and it tells the story better than anyone’s individual perception. Let a thousand pictures help you improve the operation of your practice – and increase your in-house ROI,” Seppala continued. 

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About Richard Seppala:

Richard Seppala, also known as “The ROI Guy™,” is best-selling author and marketing expert that is regularly sought out by the media for his opinion on marketing campaigns that really work.  Richard has been seen on NBC, CBS, ABC and FOX affiliates as well as in The Wall St. Journal, USA Today and Newsweek.

Richard is known for constantly asking the question “What is the return on the investment you make for each of your marketing campaigns?” He founded what has now become “The ROI Guy™” in 2005, a company that provides advertising tracking for clients nationwide. The ROI Guy™ Tracking System monitors the success or failure of ad campaigns, tracks marketing response rates, determines return on investment (ROI) and identifies the strengths and weaknesses of your marketing and customer service programs throughout your business lifecycle.

 Critically acclaimed as “The Holy Grail of Marketing,” The ROI Guy™ Tracking System is just that, because there is no easier system that puts the power and ease of real time results for lead generation on autopilot with all of your marketing campaigns.

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