Marketing ROI Expert, Richard Seppala, aka ROI Guy, Explains Importance of Tracking Advertising ROI

Richard Seppala, known as the ROI Guy, recently discussed how improving your marketing and advertising ROI can mean a lot more money coming into your business.

Orlando, Fla. – September 8, 2010 – Richard Seppala, ROI (Return on Investment) Marketing expert and best-selling author also know as “ROI Guy™,” recently published an article on his website,, called “The ROI Guy: What If Your Marketing Is ‘Broke?’” In the article, Richard explains how businesses can’t improve their marketing ROI without first simply knowing what it is!

“Most smaller businesses and entrepreneurs don’t really want to take the time, or spend the money, to track their marketing to make sure it’s doing the trick. As far as they’re concerned, as long as their bottom line stays in the black, then the marketing must be working somehow,” wrote Richard.

“I do realize most professionals and small businesspeople are not professional marketers – and that’s not where they put the bulk of their energies. Obviously, that has to go into their core business,” continued Richard.  “But what most of them don’t realize is that tracking their marketing actually doesn’t require that much effort. Being a small business owner myself, I understand the time pressures on anyone running their own operation. That’s why I’ve made my own ROI Guy tracking process incredibly easy and affordable for anyone to use.”

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There is no easier way to monitor the success or failure of ad campaigns, track marketing response rates, determine return on investment and identify strengths and weaknesses of your marketing and customer service programs than through Richard’s systems.  A few of these proven systems include the Call Tracking System, The Dynamic Tracking System, the ROI Bridge and the Video Mystery Patient.

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About Richard Seppala:

Richard Seppala, also known as “The ROI Guy™,” is best-selling author and marketing expert that is regularly sought out by the media for his opinion on marketing campaigns that really work.  Richard has been seen on NBC, CBS, ABC and FOX affiliates as well as in The Wall St. Journal, USA Today and Newsweek.

Richard is known for constantly asking the question “What is the return on the investment you make for each of your marketing campaigns?” He founded what has now become “The ROI Guy™” in 2005, a company that provides advertising tracking for clients nationwide. The ROI Guy™ Tracking System monitors the success or failure of ad campaigns, tracks marketing response rates, determines return on investment (ROI) and identifies the strengths and weaknesses of your marketing and customer service programs throughout your business lifecycle.

Critically acclaimed as “The Holy Grail of Marketing,” The ROI Guy™ Tracking System is just that, because there is no easier system that puts the power and ease of real time results for lead generation on autopilot with all of your marketing campaigns.

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