Marketing Expert Tarsha Beavers Publishes New Blog Post About The Salon Marketing for MAXIMUM Profit & Wealth System

Tarsha Beavers, founder of Doll Face Marketing, a marketing company, writes about her new system that teaches hairstylists how to be business superstars.

Annapolis, MD – March 31, 2011 – Tarsha Beavers, founder of Doll Face Marketing, a marketing company, recently published a blog post on her website ( about the importance of marketing in business and how stylists can use marketing to take their business to the next level. The blog post, titled “The Salon Marketing for MAXIMUM Profit & Wealth™ System Is Now Available,” delves into what hairstylists can learn from this new marketing system.

Tarsha Beavers writes, “If you’ve ever wondered why some stylists are business superstars while others barely make it by, now you can learn the secrets to becoming a superstar yourself.”

Doll Face Marketing specializes in helping professional hairstylist and salon owners put more profit in their pocket and elevate themselves among the elite, savvy, successful business owners. They help clients market their business effectively to reach their ultimate potential.

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About Tarsha Beavers:

Tarsha Beavers is an author, advisor, coach, consultant, speaker and women’s advocate. Also known as The Salon Marketing Queen, she is recognized as an expert in the field of hair extensions and hair enhancements. Tarsha’s incredible knowledge of the beauty industry, marketing, creating multiple streams of income and knowing how to implement great strategies, gave birth to Doll Face Marketing a company specializing in the training and development of hairstylist and salon owners.

Tarsha’s goal is to help you achieve your goals faster and easier that you ever imagined. Tarsha shows ordinary businesses and professionals in the beauty industry how to become extraordinary; teaching you think like an entrepreneur, help you capitalize on your target market and prepare you with the tools and mindset to dominate your market.

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