Manufacturing and Theory of Constraints Expert Dr. Lisa Lang Features a Michigan Precision Machine Shop Success Story

Robert Peuterbaugh, President of Joint Production Technology, shares his story of how the Velocity Scheduling System is helping his company to see increased production and profits.

Green Valley, AZ – December 29, 2012 – “Dr. Lisa” Lang, President of the Science of Business and Theory of Constraints expert, is proud to share another client success story.  Robert Peuterbaugh, president of Joint Production Technology (JPT) in Macomb, Michigan.  Robert has utilized Dr. Lisa’s Velocity Scheduling System to improve productivity at his facility.

The Velocity Scheduling System is based on Theory of Constraints, but it has been adapted for highly custom job shops and machine shops whose constraint can move week-to-week or day-to-day.

Robert Peuterbaugh’s case study and success story (written by Mike Touzeau) can be found at

Here is an excerpt:

Providing high tech innovations for precision cutting, boring, and other applicable manufacturing functions for such big outfits as GM, Ford, TRW, and many others here and abroad, Peuterbaugh knows his operation inside out. Battling the downturn like everyone else, this seasoned leader has always investigated long-term remedies rather than groping for gimmicks, so he began to search for solutions.

“As things got worse, I looked at what would make things better,” he said.” I had followed Dr. Lisa’s emails for two years before signing up.”

He knew it would be important to improve productivity, so having read much of what Dr. Lisa had written on Velocity Scheduling System (VSS), he took the plunge, knowing many others wouldn’t.

“Sometimes you say that we’re good at what we do, so why change?”

“When I saw all the reasons,” he put it, “it all fit. That’s what got me to talk to her.”


He estimates between a 25 and 35 percent profit increase “directly attributable,” he says, to the changes his team instituted after starting the VSS program in February. Once the process started working, he recalls, his team stood in awe at the seamless flow, shipping each day with customers getting something every day.

“They just could not believe it.”

And another:

Robert Peuterbaugh’s story is probably not unlike your own. You worked hard to build a solid reputation with your customers. You want American manufacturing to be great, and though you’re a successful small or large operation, scheduling is still always an issue.

VSS is a system that creates a continuous flow in your operation so all your employees share in knowing what needs to be done and when.

A member of many manufacturing organizations, Robert Peuterbaugh works with local schools to promote manufacturing career education, and serves on the Board of Directors for Tooling, Manufacturing & Technologies Association (TMTA).

To learn specifically what Robert did to improve Joint Production Technology, watch a 47-minute webinar on “How to Get More Jobs Done Faster” at or read the “9 Challenges to Scheduling Your Job Shop” ebook at

“Dr. Lisa” Lang is one of the foremost Theory of Constraints experts in the world and a sought after manufacturing expert having been named the 2012 Manufacturing Trendsetter in the USA Today for her inexpensive and guaranteed Velocity Scheduling System Coaching Program that has dramatically improved performance of well over 100 highly custom job shops and machine shops.  She has also appeared in CBS News, The Wall Street Journal,,, Gear Technology, CNBC, MoldMaking Technology, The Fabricator, NTMA’s The Record and many others. She is active in helping the reshoring of  manufacturing back to the U.S. and in the NTMA, PMA, and AMT communities having helped member companies to reduce their lead-times and improve due date performance. She worked with Dr. Goldratt who is the father of Theory of Constraints and author of the bestselling book, The Goal. Dr Lisa is the President of the Science of Business specializing in increasing profits of highly custom manufacturers by applying Theory of Constraints, Lean and Six Sigma (TLS) to operations with Velocity Scheduling System and to engineering/design with Project Velocity System and to marketing with her Mafia Offer Boot Camp.

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