Manufacturing and Theory of Constraints Expert Dr. Lisa Lang Featured in MoldMaking Technology Magazine

Dr. Lisa Lang, of the Science of Business, recently contributed an article to MoldMaking Technology Magazine, a leading industry publication.

Green Valley, AZ – September 10, 2012 – “Dr. Lisa” Lang, President of the Science of Business, was recently contributed a feature article to MoldMaking Technology Magazine.  The article, titled “The Secret to Getting On Time and Reducing Leadtimes,” explores how to create a competitive advantage by refocusing your job scheduling strategy.

Dr. Lisa writes, “Most shops have tried a number of strategies to improve their on-time delivery and reduce leadtimes—e.g., updated ERP or scheduling software, used some lean techniques or hired an expeditor—but, the results are usually not substantial. And, that’s because typical solutions address the various symptoms, but don’t address the root cause.”

“How can you dramatically improve your scheduling?… The secret is to stop focusing on efficiency. When you are willing to do that, and put a more effective scheduling system in place, you create a buffer to better absorb all those sources of variability listed above. If you are willing to give this strategy a try and your competitors continue to cling to efficiency, you can create an incredible competitive advantage,” Dr. Lisa continued.

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“Dr. Lisa” Lang is one of the foremost Theory of Constraints experts in the world and a sought after manufacturing expert having been named the 2012 Manufacturing Trendsetter in the USA Today for her inexpensive and guaranteed Velocity Scheduling System Coaching Program that has dramatically improved performance of well over 100 highly custom job shops and machine shops.  She has also appeared in CBS News, The Wall Street Journal,,, NY Daily News, CNBC, The Boston Globe, The Miami Herald, and others. She is active in helping reshore manufacturing back to the U.S.  and in the NTMA, PMA, and AMT communities having helped member companies to reduce their lead-times and improve due date performance. She worked with Dr. Goldratt who is the father of Theory of Constraints and author of the bestselling book, The Goal. Dr Lisa is the President of the Science of Business specializing in increasing profits of highly custom manufacturers by applying Theory of Constraints, Lean and Six Sigma to operations with Velocity Scheduling System and to engineering/design with Project Velocity System and to marketing with her Mafia Offer Boot Camp.

Learn more about Dr. Lisa at and check out her 47-minute webinar “How To Get More Jobs Done Faster” at

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