Managed IT Company, Eukairos Technologies, Founder Karl Muhlbach, On Importance of IT Insurance

Karl Muhlbach, Founder of Eukairos Technologies, a full service Managed IT company, discusses the importance of insurance for your IT infrastructure.

Orlando, Fla. – August 16, 2010 – Karl Muhlbach, founder and CEO of Eukairos Technologies Corp., a software development and managed IT company, recently posted a blog on his website ( titled “Managed IT Services – Insurance for your IT infrastructure.”  The blog discusses how contracting Managed IT services is like insurance for your IT infrastructure.

“Not every business can afford or has a real need for a full-time IT administrator, so many simply use a break-and-fix mentality for their technology hardware and software. These businesses prefer not to think about things until problems occur, and then deal with the problem,” wrote Karl Muhlbach.

“Besides having a company ready to step in when needed for IT support, Managed IT services will provide your business with proactive measures to help prevent problems before they occur. This is something that the break-and-fix model cannot provide,” continued Muhlbach.

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Eukairos Technologies is currently offering Managed IT services such as business continuity and disaster recovery, data backup strategies, anti-virus and malware protection, cyber-attack prevention, data encryption, asset management, software development, virtual environments and cloud computing, compliance consulting and inventory control, among others.

Eukairos Technologies ( also specializes in staff augmentation, simulation training and support, and information technology management services, among others.  As a full-service IT company, Eukairos Technologies provides their clients with tailored solutions to custom fit their needs.

“On the surface, it may seem that the Managed IT approach is more expensive, but when businesses consider the costs involved with the loss in productivity, data loss, network degradation, etc. a Managed IT approach is far more cost effective.  A business owner will insure their vehicles as well as fire and theft on their business yet they through their data (the life blood of their organization) to the winds of chance,” said Muhlbach.

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About Eukairos Technologies Corp:

Eukairos Technologies derives its name from the ancient Greek word Kairos meaning “opportune moment.”  In technology as in business, timing is everything.  Eukairos Technologies will keep your company on the leading edge, ensuring our solutions are executed at the most opportune time in order to deliver a solution that is state-of-the-art, efficient and effective.

With more than 20 years experience in Information Technology, Eukairos Technologies can custom design a solution for your small business to ensure all of your IT needs are met and exceeded.  We are a full-solution IT company, and can handle projects of all scopes and sizes.  We believe in developing long-term relationships with our clients, and we will be there for the future to support our client’s dynamic technology needs.

Eukairos Technologies strongly believes in giving back to our community.  Our philosophy centers on the belief that “we are blessed to be a blessing.”  We are actively involved in community efforts and community involvement by our employees is an incentive as part of their bonus compensation.

IT is a necessity to do business in this day and age.  Eukairos Technologies will show you how to use IT to make your business both more efficient and effective, and how it can help you grow your business.

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