Exercise and Strength Training Expert, Madeline Ross, Featured in Newsweek as One of America’s PremierExperts

Madeline Ross, CEO of exercise franchise SuperSlow Zone®, LLC, featured in Newsweek as one of America’s PremierExperts™, in recognition of being an expert on exercise and strength training. 

Orlando, Fla. – November 30, 2009 – An elite group of celebrity experts from various industries were featured in Newsweek in a full page color spotlight on November 9, 2009.  One of these experts, Madeline Ross, Founder and CEO of SuperSlow Zone® LLC, is being featured as a member of America’s PremierExperts™.  Madeline was chosen for this honor for her expertise and success in the area of personal strength training, as well as her commitment and success in putting clients first.

SuperSlow® has been the leading personal strength training protocol for more than 26 distinguished years.  The SuperSlow Zone® method is an expert-supervised, 20-minute, twice-a-week, personal strength training protocol that has proven to be the safest, most efficient and effective form of strength training available. SuperSlow Zone® clients are men and women of all ages who seek a professional health and exercise service that delivers maximum results in a minimum amount of time. 

When asked for tips on health, wealth, business and success in the new economy, Madeline Ross replied, “Work out smart and brief! Use SuperSlow Zone® exercise to achieve a full body workout in just 20 minutes! 20 minutes to great minds/bodies/success!” 

America’s PremierExperts™ LLC is an organization that provides free expert information and content to consumers and journalists alike, and honors business experts who are dedicated to spreading knowledge and awareness in their field of expertise and making significant contributions to their industry and the marketplace as a whole.

The participants selected in this year’s program are forward-thinking business owners, entrepreneurs, professional speakers, authors and corporate CEOs looking to give back by educating consumers, as well as distinguish their brand and increase revenues.

For More info on SuperSlow Zone® visit http://www.SuperSlowZone.com 

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About SuperSlow Zone®, LLC:

SuperSlow® celebrates a 26-year history of helping people achieve optimal strength and health in minimum time. SuperSlow® strength training is the original, accredited, high-intensity, low-force strengthening exercise protocol. It was created and developed by founder Ken Hutchins out of a $3.2 million osteoporosis study in 1982 at the University of Florida, School of Medicine.

SuperSlow Zone® is a distinctive health and exercise franchise that exclusively delivers SuperSlow® strength training to busy people of all ages throughout the world.  Clients/patients achieve and maintain strong, healthy and attractive bodies through a 20-minute work out, two times a week, in an ideally cooled and ventilated, distraction-free, clinical exercise environment. SSZ ensures that a Certified SuperSlow® Instructor is focused on achieving and sustaining client results. Other options available include healthy eating coaching for optimal weight and health goals. http://www.superslowzone.com

SuperSlow Zone® is accredited by the prestigious IACET (http://www.iacet.org). 

IACET also accredits the American Physical Therapy Association, National Institute of Health, Centers for Disease Control and, Duke University Medical Center, Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) Corporate University, GE Healthcare and many others. SSZ achieved and maintains this accreditation to ensure the highest standards of service and care for its clients. 


About America’s PremierExperts™ LLC:America’s PremierExperts™ is an organization that recognizes business experts for their willingness to promote free expert content in their field of expertise to consumers and journalists alike, while offering business owners, entrepreneurs, professional speakers, authors, professionals and corporate CEOs exclusive, invitation-only, opportunities for further exposure and growth in the marketplace.  JW Dicks, Esq. and Nick Nanton, Esq., attorneys by trade and entrepreneurs by choice, founded America’s PremierExperts™ and The Ultimate Celebrity Branding Experience™ to honor entrepreneurs, CEOs, authors, professional speakers and businesspeople who are dedicated to spreading knowledge and awareness in their field of expertise and making significant contributions to their industry and the marketplace as a whole.  For more information about America’s PremierExperts™ LLC visit www.AmericasPremierExperts.com.


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