Luxury Home Marketing and Sales Experts, Luxury Homes Solutions & Marketing, Writes a Blog on Celebrity Secret Home Buying Strategies

Luxury Homes Solutions & Marketing, a luxury home marketing firm, writes a new blog, Secret High-End Housing Sales, explaining the special treatment that celebrities expect in keeping their luxury home purchases as discreet as possible.

Calgary, Alberta – June 15, 2011- Luxury Homes Solutions & Marketing, a marketing firm specializing in providing solutions for the marketing and sales of luxury homes, recently published a blog on their website, that discusses how multi-million dollar home purchases are kept under wraps with a little legal help. The blog, titled “Secret High-End Housing Sales,” shares the details of how this secret buying is done.

Luxury Homes Solutions & Marketing writes, “Everyone loves talking about celebrity housing, and who bought what house. Of course, the biggest question is how much did the celeb pay for their mega mansion? Recently, Fox News released an article explaining how high profile celebrities are able to dodge the public eye – or do their best trying! The solution? Opening a limited liability company in a discreet name, with a legal maze to hide the owner’s name.”

“Many celebrities also require their realtors, lawyers and business relations to sign non-disclosure statements! Privacy is important, and you don’t have to be a Hollywood star to want discretion on your multi-million dollar dream home purchase. Whether a celebrity or not, luxury housing is something that many luxury shoppers prefer to do with discretion. The process is one of unique customer service and a tailored buying experience. At Luxury Homes Solutions & Marketing, we understand that difference,” writes Luxury Homes Solutions & Marketing.

Luxury Homes Solutions and Marketing specialize in luxury homes marketing and solutions internationally. They are renowned for serving clients with their proprietary cutting edge marketing strategies and their effectiveness at moving luxury homes toward a sale in a very timely manner.

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About Luxury Homes Solutions & Marketing:

Luxury Homes Solutions & Marketing (LHSM) consists of a team of experts that are in the business of serving people. They specialize in creating innovative and effective marketing and sales solutions for luxury homes, internationally.

What makes LHSM unique is their proprietary cutting edge marketing strategies and their effectiveness at moving luxury homes in a very timely manner.

The team at Luxury Homes Solutions & Marketing pride themselves in our support of local charities and communities such as Habitat for Humanity Calgary and Green Calgary: Greening Life Together. Giving back is an integral part of the LHSM mission to help people and serve the needs of others.

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