Luxury Home Marketing and Sales Experts, Luxury Homes Solutions & Marketing, Offers Insight on Appealing to Luxury Buyer’s Lifestyle in the Home Sales Process

Luxury Homes Solutions & Marketing, a luxury home marketing firm, writes a new article, Luxury Travel Attracts Elite Buyers, responds to Forbes video report on elite consumers travel desires.

Calgary, Alberta – May 17, 2011 – Luxury Homes Solutions & Marketing, a marketing firm specializing in providing solutions for the marketing and sales of luxury homes, recently published an article on their website, explaining how realtors can appeal to their luxury buyers’ travel desires when walking through the home sales process with them. The article, titled “Luxury Travel Attracts Elite Buyers,” says that when buying a multi-million dollar home, buyers do not want to compromise their travel and vacation lifestyle for the sake of their new home.

Luxury Homes Solutions & Marketing writes, “We’re in the luxury home buying, selling, marketing and solutions business. So we know the clientele that we’re in the business of dealing with. In terms of lifestyle, this buyer wants top notch products, services and experiences. That desire applies to the way they eat, the homes they buy, and the travel experiences they want. They want the best of the best in shoes, cars, homes, trips, clothes, jewelry and even marketing materials. They don’t often scrimp, and they especially don’t settle for less in the spending areas that they feel the strongest about.”

“In marketing and selling luxury homes, we have found that alluding to high end travel experiences in the home is a hint to those who are travel fanatics that they can have their cake and eat it too. In other words, even though this buyer is looking at making a significant purchase and financial investment in the luxury home of their dreams, they also want to be assured that their lifestyle in other areas will not suffer as a consequence,” writes Luxury Homes Solutions & Marketing.

Luxury Homes Solutions and Marketing specialize in luxury homes marketing and solutions internationally. They are renowned for serving clients with their proprietary cutting edge marketing strategies and their effectiveness at moving luxury homes toward a sale in a very timely manner.

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What makes LHSM unique is their proprietary cutting edge marketing strategies and their effectiveness at moving luxury homes in a very timely manner.

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