Luxury Home Investment Expert, Marco Kozlowski, Offering Free Special Report on Luxury Real Estate

Marco Kozlowski, luxury property and real estate investment expert, is currently offering a free special report on his website titled, “31 Reasons Luxury Real Estate is the Way to Go in a Down Market.”

Orlando, Fla. – March 29, 2010 – Marco Kozlowski, expert in buying and selling luxury homes, is offering a free special report on his website,  This special report is called “31 Reasons Luxury Real Estate is the Way to Go in a Down Market.”  When visitors to the site sign up for the free report, they will receive a new luxury home investing tip every day for 31 days.  

In the special report, Marco discusses many topics spanning many areas of luxury real estate, luxury home investing, making money with foreclosures and general real estate investing.  Some of the titles of the individual emails include:  

  • ·      You just made $2500 out of thin air
  • ·      Rich sellers need you now more than ever. Profit from it now.
  • ·      Others WANT to make you rich. NO KIDDING.
  • ·      Lets Get BIG FAT Checks together
  • ·      You don’t need a license to make 100k per deal
  • ·      30 Reasons to Play with Luxury Homes
  • ·      Why most agents are ineffective at selling
  • ·      Secrets revealed
  • ·      Job security – bull 

Marco’s website is the go-to place online to learn about luxury home investing, Marco’s real estate course and how to buy and sell luxury homes and foreclosures.  You can also learn how Marco went from being a broke musician to a multi-millionaire by utilizing systems that he created to flip luxury homes and make money with foreclosures. 

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About Marco Kozlowski:

Marco Kozlowski, was a struggling musician, under constant pressure to make ends meet and virtually bankrupt before a late night infomercial led him to real estate. The promise of wealth intrigued him, but it came with a steep learning curve. After buying 119 houses in his first year he found himself upside down — paying more out than he got back in rent. But in his zest to move a luxury property no one could sell, he witnessed firsthand the power of auctions. It was then that he began to unravel the secrets that would make him millions. That was more than 10 years ago. Now he focuses exclusively on finding, controlling and selling luxury property without risk. Best of all, he’s created and perfected a system that allows others to do the same.

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