Luxury Florida Dental Center Helps People Struggling with Bruxism

Boutique dental center Allure Dental & Spa shares effective ways to stop teeth grinding before the damage is done.

Bonita Springs, FL — Jan 13, 2016 — Highly regarded spa and cosmetic dental treatment center Allure Dental & Spa published a new blog post entitled “The Daily Grind: How to Stop Grinding Your Teeth.” In the post, they explain the signs of bruxism and offer tips to stop.

dr-eckDr. C.M. Wallace says, “Many of us grind and clench our teeth from time to time in response to stress, anger and anxiety. This occasional teeth grinding, called bruxism, typically does not cause harm to the teeth. But grinding your teeth on a regular basis can damage your teeth and cause other oral health complications. It can be hard to tell if you grind your teeth every day, because regular grinding often happens during sleep. Here, we’ll share the signs of bruxism and what you can do if you need to quit the daily grind.”

The entire article can be found here

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