Louisiana Personal Injury Attorney Gordon McKernan Takes A Faith Based Approach In Building His Family Practice

Louisiana Personal Injury Attorney Gordon McKernan Takes A Faith Based Approach In Building His Family Practice And Fighting For Maximum Compensation For Every Client

Baton Rouge, LA – June 10, 2011 – When Baton Rouge personal injury attorney Gordon McKernan uses the term “trial by fire,” he’s not just working a metaphor. Years before he earned his law degree from Loyola University in New Orleans in 1992, he found himself in the courtroom, personally defending a client he knew quite well—himself!

Groomed for a legal career from an early age by his father Jerry McKernan–a veteran personal injury lawyer and onetime president of the Louisiana Association for Justice–Gordon was working for McKernan Law Firm during his high school years when he got a ticket for a hit and run incident involving a fire hydrant. The elder McKernan instructed Gordon to represent himself, which seemed like a scary proposition at first. But the high school senior did his research, examined witnesses with skill and benefited from the Assistant DA thinking it would be a cakewalk to win a case argued by a teenager.

From the day he joined the family firm in 1992 after graduating from LSU and Loyola Law School, Gordon hit the ground running with a large caseload. Despite working long hours for his clients, Gordon also established himself as a volunteer Assistant D.A. to hone his trial skills.

The firm’s website’s headline reads “Get Gordon! Get It Done!”—and he and his staff of 14 lawyers have done just that. The firm has recovered over $1 billion for their clients over the years, with over 70 verdicts and/or settlements in excess of $1 million dollars. McKernan estimates that the firm does 5-10% mass tort cases, which have included the In Re EDC Litigation, Phen Fen and the Louisiana Tobacco litigation.

Most of the firm’s cases are “typical, everyday personal injury accidents, where it’s someone else’s fault” – car, truck and 18 wheeler crashes, slip and fall, maritime, railroad and products liabilities. The firm is also representing Louisianans whose livelihoods are being affected by the fallout from last year’s devastating BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, including the family of one of the workers killed in the April 2010 explosion of the Deep Water Horizon oil rig.

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