Looking To Grow Your Dental Practice? Dan-The-Dental-Marketing-Man Has Created Innovative Practice Growth Systems That Deliver!

For Over 14 Years, The Ontario Based Dental Practice Growth Guru Has Helped Clients Throughout Canada And The U.S. Generate Millions In Production Revenues

Ontario, Canada – June 4, 2014 – If you open up your mailbox this fall and see a card with a graphic of an ugly lime green Frankenstein grinning at you, don’t be scared. When you read the line “Even scary monsters can have a beautiful smile,” there’s no need to be puzzled. It’s just one of the latest – and most effective – seasonal mailers conceived by Dan “The Dental-Marketing-Man” Mount, Founder and President of The Practice Marketers Inc.

Wait a few months, and if you happen to be in a suburban neighborhood where local Dentists want to build their practices with new patients and make sure their existing ones return, the Ontario based direct mail marketing expert and his team will be treating you to more colorful, even oddly shaped die-cut Practice Building Cards. These open up like a greeting card and give more information on the practice’s array of services.

There are beautiful, full color cards for the start of the school year (“Send Them Back To School With a Beautiful Smile!”), Mother’s Day (“A Mother’s Smile Makes the World More Beautiful”), New Year’s (“Happy New Year to a Healthy Smile”), St. Patrick’s Day (“You  Don’t Have To Be Lucky…To Have a Beautiful Smile”), Winter (“A Beautiful Smile…Is as White As Snow”), and others.

Another effective way to reach potential new patients is by mailing a Practice Building Card with delicious recipes that could be kept for years. How would you like to receive a delicious Apple Crisp recipe, Asparagus Omelet or even a Home-style Beef Stew recipe from a Dentist in your town? Targeted to certain neighborhoods and demographics in an area with Mom in mind, these mailers feature unique and informative content that goes way beyond the normal bland Dentist postcard.

These clever, eye-catching Practice Building Cards are just one element of what has driven Mount to become one of the most effective Dental Practice Growth Gurus in North America. Over the past 14-plus years, his dynamic, innovative marketing strategies have helped Dentists across his native Canada (mostly Ontario, Alberta and British Columbia) and states like California, New York, Florida and Texas attract tens of thousands of new patients and retain countless more. The creative strategies of The Practice Marketers have generated millions of dollars in production revenues for more than 1,500 Dentists.

While the majority of Mount’s clients have been in his home country, his company is in a powerful growth mode, looking in 2014 and beyond to bring their sure-fire marketing principles to more practices throughout the U.S. Considering the stats, the potential in the States is unlimited. Mount estimates that there are over 20,000 dentists in Canada and well over 155,000 in the U.S.

Unlike many marketers today who have jumped all over social media, Mount is all about the power of the “printed piece.” This follows in the old school marketing tradition of his mentors like Bill Glazer and Dan Kennedy, marketing strategists and direct response copyrighting gurus. As Mount says, “these guys have invented the proven and successful marketing campaigns of our generation.” Many business owners and Dentists have shied away from using direct mail recently because of the cost. As Mount says, “this is opening up many opportunities for the Dentists who really know the power of direct mail.”

Dentists interested in possibly discovering how The Practice Marketers can transform their practices can sign up on the website for some free resources designed to unlock their traditional business model mindsets and empower them. Mount will send them his book whose blunt title doesn’t hold back its intentions: How Not To Get Your Ass Kicked By Your Competition While Marketing Your Dental Practice.

Mount has also created a practice growth resource information tool kit called “Top Ten Explosive Marketing Breakthroughs that Will Instantly Rocket Your Dental Practice To the Top.” It includes an audio CD (and accompanying written transcript) featuring an interview where he enumerates these breakthroughs as he has seen his clients put them into practice. From this interview, he developed the user guide that comes with it.

If interested in the Free Practice Growth Resources just visit www.ThePracticeMarketers.com

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