Leading Tampa Bay Investment and Tax Advisor Steve Holland Takes Proactive Approach With Clients

The Holland Group Retirement Wealth Advisors have helped hundreds through their investment, tax, and estate planning services all under one roof.

Tampa Bay, FL – January 28, 2013 – Leading Investment and Tax Advisor Steve Holland is the founder of The Holland Group, Retirement Wealth Advisors – a proactive financial firm in the Tampa Bay, Florida area specializing in protecting and growing wealth for serious investors.  Holland has been in the insurance and financial services industry in Florida for over 20 years and has been involved in tax preparation and advisory services for over a quarter of a century.

Holland takes a very personal and expansive approach with his client’s financial needs.  He states, “There are a lot of investors who have been with the very big firms and they are not happy.  They tell me they don’t get the individualized attention that we offer at our firm.  The larger firms or brokerage houses don’t prepare their tax return and they don’t provide estate planning in their office.  We are an independent, smaller firm who gives much more attention to our clients, giving them more proactive services and more personal reviews.  We are three firms under one roof; a full service financial firm, an accounting firm, and an estate planning firm.  If you go to a big brokerage firm, they are going to tell you, ‘We can’t give tax advice or we can’t give estate planning advice.  Here’s a business card of an estate attorney or of an accountant we think will do a good job for you.’   Our clients love the fact that they can drop off their taxes, get their investments explained to them, and get an estate plan done all under one roof.  It makes a big difference when people are invested in accordance with their tax structure.  Over ninety percent of our investment clients have me prepare their tax returns.  That makes a big difference.  When I can sit down, go over their investments, then pull out their tax return and tell them, ‘Because of your investment activity this is how it is impacting your tax return and here is how we can reduce your tax liability,’ it is a huge convenience for my clients.  Most financial planners don’t even know how taxes work.  Most of them have never prepared one tax return.  I’ve prepared thousands of them.”

As one of the Bay area’s investment and tax reduction specialists, Holland has been a popular guest speaker at well over one thousand financial workshops, helping to educate investors and teach other financial advisors the importance of identifying portfolio risk through diversification, tax minimization and comprehensive estate planning.  Holland has become an industry leader by helping his clients make important decisions for their investments, income tax and estate planning needs.  Holland’s firm is unique in that his clients can get investment advice, tax advice and preparation, as well as estate planning all from the same firm.

Holland has been featured in many media avenues to share his wealth of knowledge and experience in his industry.  On television, he has served as an investment consultant for WFLA News Channel 8 and has been featured on News Channel 28 for advice on a variety of financial topics.  On the radio, he is Tampa’s trusted advisor on the nationally-syndicated radio show “The Financial Safari.” He has hosted the investment show “The Wealth Coach” on WHNZ and has also been heard in the Bay area on “The Dove” on WDUV.

Additionally, Holland has fulfilled hundreds of speaking engagements focused on his clients, perspective clients, as well as other professionals within his industry.  He is the author of Fairytales, Fables and Facts about Investing and How to Know What’s What, to be published in early 2013.   He is also working on a second book, 10 of the Biggest Retirement Nightmares and How to Avoid Them, to be released sometime in 2013.  Because of his outstanding success and significant contributions to his profession, Holland is being featured as one of America’s PremierExperts® Champions in Newsweek and will also be featured on the PremierExperts® television program.  Additional information about Holland and The Holland Group Wealth Advisors can be found at www.thehollandgrp.com.

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