Leadership and Marketing Expert Greg Link Signs Book Publishing Deal With CelebrityPress

Greg Link, business advisor and speaker, has signed a publishing deal with CelebrityPress, a leading business book publishing company, along with other leading business and marketing experts from around the world, including Brian Tracy, to release “The Only Business Book You’ll Ever Need.”

Alpine, UT – December 21, 2011 – Greg Link, co-founder of The Franklin Covey Global Speed of Trust Practice, CoveyLink, and the former Covey Leadership Center, recently joined a select group of business experts and entrepreneurs to collaborate and co-write the business and marketing book titled The Only Business Book You’ll Ever Need. Nick Nanton, Esq., along with business partner JW Dicks, Esq., recently signed a publishing deal with each of these authors to contribute their expertise to the book, which will be released under their CelebrityPress™ imprint.

Greg Link is co-author of Smart Trust: Creating Prosperity, Energy, and Joy in a Low-Trust World with business partner Stephen M. R. Covey.  A recognized authority on leadership, trust, sales, marketing, and high performance, Link is a sought-after advisor and speaker.  His authentic and engaging style endears him to audiences of all levels – from senior executives to the front lines.  He is a “business expert who speaks” not a “speaker that theorizes”.

Link, his business partner Stephen M. R. Covey, and the team at The Speed of Trust Practice equip people and organizations to transform toxic relationships and to harness high trust as a performance multiplier.  Link convincingly challenges the age-old assumption that trust is merely a soft, social virtue and demonstrates that trust is a hard-edged, economic driver—a learnable and measurable skill that has the power to change lives and impact organizations.

The Only Business Book You’ll Ever Need will be released in early 2012 and will feature top advice from leading entrepreneurs, business owners, and marketing experts from around the world. The authors will share their insights, tips, and secrets to maintaining a thriving business through any kind of economy.

To learn more about Greg Link, please visit http://www.SpeedofTrust.com.

More about Greg Link:

As co-founder of the Covey Leadership Center, he orchestrated the strategy that led Dr. Stephen R. Covey’s book, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, to one of the two most influential business books of the 20th century according to CEO Magazine, selling over 20 million copies in 38 languages. He created the marketing momentum that helped propel Covey Leadership Center from a start-up company to a $110+ million-dollar enterprise with offices in 40 countries before merging with Franklin Quest to form FranklinCovey.

He also led the Center’s international publishing success resulting in partnerships with over 30 publishers worldwide. This included making publishing history in Japan, leading the strategy that sold over one million copies of a foreign language translation, non-fiction business book, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, in Japanese. He was also instrumental in formulating and executing one of the world’s largest international business satellite broadcasts with partners Lessons in Leadership and Fortune Magazine.

Link has taught The Seven Habits, Principle Centered Leadership, and The Speed of Trust and advised executives at numerous leading enterprises, including Hewlett Packard, the U.S. Navy, Sony, Chevron, IBM, Microsoft, Boeing, and many other well-known organizations. He is a trusted confidant.

His business acumen and experience as a successful, real-world executive inform his presentations and make them uniquely relevant to clients and convention audiences alike.

Link resides with his wife, Annie, on a quiet stream in the shadows of the Utah Rockies in Alpine, Utah.

About Celebrity Press™:

Celebrity Press™ is a business book publisher that publishes books from thought leaders around the world. Celebrity Press™ specializes in helping its authors grow their businesses through book publishing. Celebrity Press™ has published books alongside Brian Tracy, Dr. Ivan Misner, Ron Legrand, Mari Smith, Kelly O’Neil, Alexis Martin Neely, and many of the biggest experts across diverse fields.

If you’d like to learn more about Celebrity Press™ or to see if we’re a good fit for your book project, please visit http://www.celebritypresspublishing.com/contact-us

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