La Crosse Entrepreneur Andrew Londre Selected As A Featured Guest In The First Season Of Ambitious Adventures

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ORLANDO, Florida – July 13, 2016 – Andrew Londre, co-founder of Urbanlocity, LLC, has just been named a Featured Entrepreneur in the first season of a new travel reality show Ambitious Adventures.

Andrew Londre Headshot“I am thrilled to be a part of this show, and I am excited for what it could mean for my company, Urbanlocity, and our newest project, 8090Virtual,” Londre said, “but I am also excited for what it will do for all the other young entrepreneurs who have been waiting for something like this to inspire them to make their dreams their reality.”

For the last three years, Andrew has worked full-time helping entrepreneurs in the La Crosse area to start new businesses and expand existing ones. After assisting nearly 100 entrepreneurs through one-on-one counseling, small group programming, and through a downtown La Crosse co-work space he launched earlier this year, Andrew caught the startup bug himself. Now, he and his business partner, Adrian Lipscombe, run a unique urban design firm with two divisions.

Ambitious Adventures is most interested in highlighting the high-tech solution Urbanlocity has developed to solve one of the most pressing challenges facing employers all over the world, but especially in small to mid-sized cities, talent attraction.

“I really believe the next great talent and entrepreneurial migration is going to be to smaller cities across America that often offer a much better quality of life at a much lower cost than the small handful of overcrowded and unaffordable big cities that my generation has flocked to over the last few years,” Londre said.

During its first season, Ambitious Adventures will travel to five cities across the United States to meet with 15 young entrepreneurs and community leaders driving the local economies and building a world they want to live in. The show is being hosted and produced by Emmy Nominated Producer Greg Rollett, along with Brandon T. Adams, with 4X Emmy Award Winning Director Nick Nanton acting as the show’s Supervising Director.

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About Andrew Londre:

Andrew is the co-founder of Urbanlocity LLC, an economic development professional and community leader turned entrepreneur. He and his business partner are both dedicated to social entrepreneurship – the idea that some of humanities greatest challenges can be solved through for-profit ventures. Their urban design firm does everything from architecture and planning, to community and employer branding.

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About Ambitious Adventures

Ambitious Adventures is a travel reality show that focuses on the young entrepreneurs who are making a great impact in their local community and the economic stability of their city, their workplace and their customers.

Brought to you by Emmy® Award-Winning Director Nick Nanton and Emmy® Nominated Producer Greg Rollett, Ambitious Adventures is the flagship TV series from the Ambitious Media Group, a company dedicated to helping 1,000,000 young people start their own business before the age of 30.

The executive team at Ambitious Media Group has spent the past decade building an influential network of personalities, experts, Best-Selling Authors®, musicians, online celebrities and Hollywood influencers who have agreed to help promote the show.

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