Kokomo Based Family Law Attorney Priscilla Pelgen’s ILawyerIndiana.com, The First Virtual Law Firm in Indiana, Allows Her To Take On Pro SE Clients And Coach New Lawyers On How To Build Their Own Successful Practices

Kokomo, IN  – October 10, 2011 – Beginning with her launch of the first virtual law firm in the state of Indiana, Priscilla Pelgen’s rise in the legal profession has all the markings of a classic “self made woman succeeding against the odds” story.

The Chicago born attorney launched her career as a paralegal in the early 90s, then put herself through undergraduate and law school while raising four children.

Through ilawyerindiana.com, The Law Office of Priscilla Pelgen can reach across the state of Indiana to those that cannot or do not want to engage the traditional services of the “brick and mortar” law office. Within family law, Pelgen helps people in the following specific sub-areas: step-parent adoptions, child custody, child support modifications, paternity, parenting time (formerly “visitation”), divorce, division of property, divorce mediation, guardianship, legal separation, pre-marital agreements and restraining orders.

Pelgen’s virtual law practice provides her clients with the ability to securely discuss matters online, download and upload documents for review, and handle other business transactions in a secure digital environment. Not only is she providing affordability and convenience, she is also using the secure virtual law office technology to protect their confidential information. All attorney/client information is encrypted, and a jurisdiction check ensures all legal matters are within the state of Indiana. The firm also performs a conflict of interest check before someone is accepted as a client.

Pelgen’s self service clients either purchase forms only or forms bundled with legal coaching on their problem through the ilawyerindiana website. Pelgen even developed a Pro Se package for clients who plan to represent themselves in court. The pro se packages are effective for those who have a simple or uncontested domestic legal matter.

Pelgen is admitted to practice before all Indiana trial courts, the Indiana Supreme Court, the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Indiana, and the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Indiana. Pelgen is also the Howard County Bar Association Secretary/Treasurer.

The female empowerment theme of Pelgen’s story would be in full force except for one thing — her law practice is dedicated entirely to representing men!

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