Kids Health and Wellness Program, YoMedics™ Seeing Instant Success With New Children’s Weight Loss Pilot Program

Heather Quillen and Lisa R. Ramey, D.O., co-founders of YoMedics™, are excited about early successes with their new pilot program to help fight obesity in children, called Kids Journey to YoPower for Life.

Orlando, Fla. – January 26, 2009 – Heather Quillen and Lisa R. Ramey, D.O., co-founders of YoMedics™ and the corresponding website, are in the beginning stages of a pilot program aimed at childhood weight management, and promoting an overall healthy lifestyle for children of all ages.  The program is called Kids Journey to YoPower for Life and has children from New Mexico and Florida participating. 

Quillen and Ramey said they were excited about the early results.  During the first week, the children lost from one half pound to four pounds, and no children gained weight. Dr. Lisa Ramey, D.O., said, “Some of the kids are already starting to understand some important facts about being healthy. They are really excited and pumped up about exercising and doing good things for their body. This is FANTASTIC!” 

The pilot program will help the YoMedics™ team determine areas of the program that need changing in order to better serve the participants. The recently launched website,, has also proven to be an invaluable source for parents to help deal with the health of our children.  Dr. Lisa Ramey, D.O. and Heather Quillen update the site often with blogs and articles, and are offering a free 10-day E-course called “10 Days to a Healthier Lifestyle.” 

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About YoMedics™: 

YoMedics™ is an innovative health and fitness organization founded by two mothers, health advocate and educator, Heather Quillen, and pediatric physician, Lisa R. Ramey, D.O. The dynamic health duo understands the key to fighting the growing health problems plaguing our society is through education. In the YoMedics™ child weight loss program and child optimal weight program, children are led through an entertaining journey for twelve weeks that uses characters and games to help them develop the tools they need to make healthy lifestyle choices now and later in life. The weight loss programs for children offer a way to be healthy and have fun at the same time. Through health and nutrition education today, YoMedics™ is building a brighter future for tomorrow’s leaders.

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