Kids Health and Wellness Program, YoMedics™, Offers Blog For Parents Providing Healthy Lifestyle Tips for Children

Heather Quillen and Lisa R. Ramey, D.O., co-founders of YoMedics™ contribute to a blog on that offers helpful tips and insights for parents about healthy living for kids

Orlando, Fla. – October 1, 2008 – Heather Quillen and Lisa R. Ramey, D.O., co-founders of YoMedics™ recently launched, which features, among other things, articles and blogs relating to the health and well-being of children.  YoMedics™ is a company committed to improving our children’s future health through our actions of prevention today via an educational, fun and innovative approach to healthy lifestyle choices.   

The blog section on the website is one of the most popular.  With Heather and Dr. Lisa both mothers of two, they offer invaluable insight and tips to help keep your kids healthy, educate them about the importance of healthy choices, and offer ideas for helping your kids lose weight, if needed.

 Recently, Dr. Lisa and Heather Quillen wrote about topics ranging from healthy ideas for Halloween, to helping your children deal with the stress of family economic problems.  Dr. Lisa offered the following tip about Halloween candy: “When we get home, the candy is examined for safety and then placed in one large bowl. They can have 1-2 pieces per day, but only after they have eaten their 5 fruits and vegetable servings for that day.”  In the recent blog about economic issues, Heather Quillen wrote, “Remember, we are the adults, their role models and safety net.  Be aware of your conversations around your children and how you respond to them.  There are ways of letting kids know the family needs to be mindful of how their money is spent without scaring them.”

 These are just two of the recent blog postings on that are proving to be an invaluable source for parents to help deal with the health of our children.  To read these blogs and receive the free 10-day E-course called “10 Days to a Healthier Lifestyle,” please visit

 About YoMedics™: 

YoMedics™ is an innovative health and fitness organization founded by two mothers, health advocate and educator, Heather Quillen, and pediatric physician, Lisa R. Ramey, D.O. The dynamic health duo understands the key to fighting the growing health problems plaguing our society is through education. In the YoMedics™ child weight loss program and child optimal weight program, children are led through an entertaining journey for twelve weeks that uses characters and games to help them develop the tools they need to make healthy lifestyle choices now and later in life. The weight loss programs for children offer a way to be healthy and have fun at the same time. Through health and nutrition education today, YoMedics™ is building a brighter future for tomorrow’s leaders.

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