Kemi Fadojutimi Joins Elite MasterMind Group, The X-Group

Media and Public Relations expert, Kemi Fadojutimi was recently selected to be a part of the exclusive “X-Group” – a new Dicks + Nanton Ultimate Celebrity Expert® Mastermind group.

Adelphi, MD – May 8, 2014Kemi Fadojutimi, Publisher of All Eyes on Africa Communications, is proud to announce that she has been accepted into the newest Dicks + Nanton Ultimate Celebrity Expert® Mastermind group, also known as “The X-Group.” This year-long MasterMind experience includes unprecedented events across the United States and networking opportunities with some of the country’s leading business minds. The purpose of The X-Group is to meet with other experts and leaders around the country to brainstorm new ideas for taking companies to the next level.

Kemi Fadojutimi, along with several other business leaders from various industries will participate in MasterMind events with marketing expert and legend Dan Kennedy, best-selling author, speaker and noted business consultant Brian Tracy, President of High Point University and business expert Dr. Nido Qubein and others. Each member of The X-Group exhibits stellar business acumen along with a commitment to build a thriving business that has value to others and gives back to opportunity they have all been given.

Dicks + Nanton Co-Founder, Nick Nanton, remarked, “We prefer to consciously employ this (MasterMind) principle. And as members of great MasterMinds with incredible leaders and facilitators, we have found this concept reveals new ideas, ventures and possibilities, while exponentially expanding our businesses through the vast power it holds.”

Ms. Kemi Fadojutimi studied at George Washington University, Kemi is a former employee of Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System and Director at the International Christian Academy. A media and public relations guru of international repute, Kemi is currently the Publisher of All Eyes on Africa Communication, CEO of its African Development Programs and President of Dare2Dream LLC.

She has learned a great deal about the importance of social activism and the influence one motivated person can make. Seeing an opportunity to do something different with her education and God given talents, Kemi has tried to devote her efforts to worthy causes including the promotion of the Africans in the Diaspora development projects. Her passion for youth development and entrepreneurship is reflected in her meticulous work and consultancy for various international women/youth development organizations and social enterprises. Her business experience is enhanced by her high creative imagination, and strong analytical, communication, and inter-personal skills. Kemi was one of the 150 community leaders invited to the White House in June 2011.  She traveled to Tokyo – Japan October 2012 as one of the Panelist on Youth Empowerment by the IMF/World Bank Civic Society Annual General Meeting.

Kemi is the Deputy Vice President for Youth Affairs at the World Council of Mayors, member of Mali Watch a non-partisan coalition concerned about restoring peace, security, and democracy to the people of Mali.

In addition to these she serves on several other corporate and international boards including the US Global Partnership, Ghana Bamboo Bikes Initiative, Maryland-Nigeria Sister State Committee, amongst others.

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