JW Dicks Releases FREE Tips on How to Lower Your Credit Card Rate

Dicks, who is known for his mentorship to others said, “Today, everyone has a credit card, and the greatest saving you can do for you and your family is pay off that credit card, especially if you have a high interest rate. But, it’s hard to payoff your credit card if your minimum payments are mostly all interest.”

“Check all of your credit card statements today and see what interest rate you are really paying because in many cases they have been increased without you knowing it. Yes, the banks can, and do, raise your rates and they never tell you. Go to my BLOG and I will explain it all to you,” continued Dicks.

JW Dicks is currently senior partner at Dicks & Nanton Law, PA and he and his law partner recently opened the doors of Dicks + Nanton Agency, a coaching and consulting firm that teaches quantum growth strategies for business. For more on JW Dicks’ successful tips visit www.JWDicksBlog.com or www.DicksNantonAgency.com.

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