JW Dicks, Esq., Franchise Lawyer, Business Strategist and Entrepreneur, Offers Insights With “The Entrepreneur’s Banking Crisis”

JW Dicks, Esq., business strategist, franchise lawyer and entrepreneur, recently posted several timely tips for entrepreneurs and small business owners about the current banking crisis. 

Orlando, Fla. – June 29, 2009 – JW Dicks, Esq., business strategist and co-founder of Dicks, Nanton & Glass’ Celebrity Branding Agency™, an Orlando-based branding and marketing agency, has been writing a series of popular blogs at his website http://www.JWDicksBlog.com . The blogs are timely and efficient tips for entrepreneurs and business owners, frequently about finding ways to deal with a changing economic environment. 

The latest of these, entitled “The Entrepreneur’s Banking Crisis,” JW Dicks writes, “Banking has always been tough before for Entrepreneurs, but in this economy you need to be alert and take extra precautions.”  The focus of the article is to give entrepreneurs some “new rules to follow to help their businesses keep flowing.”

The four main “rules” for entrepreneurs in the blog include, “Get more credit cards while you can in case one is cancelled,  your interest rate substantially increases, or worse, your credit limit is frozen and lowers as you pay the card down,” “watch your merchant accounts carefully to make sure a unexpected reserve isn’t created, or stops processing,” “establish more than one merchant account in case any problems develop that prevent you from using it one month unexpectedly, ” and “consider lining up one or more investors who are prepared to step in and add additional guarantees, or even cash for a reserve, should you have a crisis.”

Some recent topics covered by JW Dicks at http://www.JWDicksBlog.com have included where to check your credit report for free, gaining competitive advantages using price points, reviews of consumer products and services, as well as political relevancies in today’s economic environment.  In the blog entitled “ Beware of Bad Laws and Bad Names For Laws,” JW Dicks writes, “There are other new bills coming down the pipeline, which impact our business. I encourage you to look beyond their names and see what the real affect they will have on your business. If you like them, great – but if you don’t, let your Congressman or Senator know they need to make some changes. To do nothing is a mistake.”

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About JW Dicks, Esq.:

JW Dicks, Esq. is an attorney, best-selling author, entrepreneur, business strategist and fortune hunter. He has spent his entire 35-year career building successful businesses for himself and consulting clients internationally. His professional versatility affords him a unique insight into his clients business along with the knowledge of how to structure and position it to take advantage of hidden opportunities and create new revenue streams.

He is the senior partner of Dicks & Nanton P.A, representing clients in the growth of their business using franchises, area exclusive licensing, coaching, idea licensing, info-marketing, social media, joint ventures, syndications and explosion marketing to accomplish their goals. JW Dicks has worked with a diverse set of clients ranging from an Inc. 500 fastest growing company with sales over $250 Million down to a small start up that made fishing lures. He loves the challenge and excitement of them all.

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