JT McDonald Provides Turnkey Solution For Asset Growth And Protection For Business Owners And Individuals Worldwide

Working with A Distribution Network of 300 Service Representatives, The Wisconsin Based Entrepreneur Facilitates Financial Independence Via Alternative Wealth Options and Tax Free Solutions

Adams, WI – August 10, 2015 – Growing up in the country outside of Madison, Wisconsin, JT McDonald was nine years old when he started working for one of the largest dairy farm operations in the state. He rode his bike past other smaller farms to spend his days doing even the most menial tasks – a several year stretch which instilled in him a powerful lifelong work ethic and understanding of how hard people toil to achieve their financial goals.

Decades later, after 17 years of running a successful contracting business with over 100 employees, McDonald’s desire to help hard working people achieve financial independence and a retirement marked by true peace of mind led him to take a huge leap of faith and change careers. Immersing himself in an extensive educational process with top financial service providers across the country, he realized there was a huge need for small business owners like himself to learn about alternative wealth products (as opposed to traditional stock market products) for growing wealth and protecting it from liabilities, taxman, creditors, probate and estate taxes.

After years of owning and running a successful business, he can sum up the driving force behind his company, Asset Growth and Protection, with a simple question: If there’s a better way to do something, would you rather know the first day or the last?

Since launching the firm in 2009, McDonald – working with a powerful distribution network of 300 financial service providers (and growing!) across the U.S. – has helped thousands of individuals and soon to be retirees achieve peace of mind in their retirement. The majority of his clients are or were successful small business owners, ranging from doctors and dentists to ranchers and farmers. Providing a powerful turnkey solution, his ever-growing firm is focused on growing its clients’ dollars and protecting them from losing principal and liability using self-directed accounts.

Asset Growth and Protection currently has three offices – in Oxford, Adams and Ashland, Wisconsin.

Driven by each client’s individual response to the question, “Is your money working as hard as you are or did?” McDonald and his staff are dedicated to educating them throughout the process – opening up low cost, low tax or tax-free alternatives they were possibly previously unaware of.

“Most of America,” he adds, “is stuck in the stock market and not aware they may qualify for using programs that banks use to make money!”

In a chapter that McDonald is contributing to an anthology called The Soul of Success (featuring other top entrepreneurial talents), he details the three things that his clients want: 1) safety and protection; 2) tax benefits; 3) maximum earnings without risking safety and protection. “Our clientele wants to take the turnkey approach we offer and the self-directing option, meaning essentially they are in charge of everything, including such items as self-direct IRAs,” he says.

McDonald makes the unique acknowledgement that he will never get to meet in person the people who will ultimately benefit most from the plans he helps structure – the heirs of his clients, the spouses, children and grandchildren who will benefit from the financial legacy his clients will leave behind. To accomplish important things, and to expand the education process for these clients, he draws on the expertise of many of his outside specialty providers.

A great advantage to working with Asset Growth and Protection is the volume scale discounts they offer on this wide array of services – due to McDonald’s relationship with these providers and the volume of clients he brings to them.

One group of people that McDonald has a particular heart for is Native Americans. A descendant of the Bad River Ojibwa tribe through his mother’s side of the family, he created the Tribal Initiative to help provide tribes access to institutional programs that provide jobs, education, protect funds and earn absolute gains. The Initiative assists all sovereign Native American nations throughout the U.S. and world with education, healthcare, 401(k) plans, housing and enterprise programs and other revenue boosts. On a dedicated website, McDonald and his team of experts share their mission to assist tribes for numerous no cost services.


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