Joy and Wellness Consultant, Bernadette McGree, Signs Publishing Deal With CelebrityPress for , “The Secret to Winning Big”

Bernadette McGree, Joy and Wellness Consultant, will team with CelebrityPress, a leading business book publishing company, and international business leaders     to release the book, The Secret to Winning Big.

Sydney, Australia – June 21, 2012 – Bernadette McGree, Joy and Wellness Consultant, has joined a select group of international business leaders from a variety of industries, along with noted business development expert, best-selling author and speaker, Brian Tracy, to co-write the forthcoming title, The Secret to Winning Big. Nick Nanton,  and    JW Dicks will publish  under their  CelebrityPress imprint .

Bernadette is a Joy and Wellness Consultant with international experience as a yoga and laughter yoga presenter and teacher. Founder of mukti bhukti (mook-tee book-tee) and the Lindfield Laughter Club, Bernadette’s sessions are packed with humor, fun and warmth. She empowers people to bring more joy and harmony into their lives.

Coaching privately or leading larger groups, she helps individuals connect deeply with their heart as a gateway to finding their purpose, so they and the organizations they work with, can realize their highest vision.

Bernadette lives in Sydney, Australia with her husband, daughter and son.

The Secret to Winning Big, slated to release in November 2012,  is an inspiring and informative insight into the minds of leading thinkers and high achievers.

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