John Miziolek Founder of Reset Branding Is The Latest Up and Coming Branding Star In the Design Agency Arena Working To Challenge Traditional Industry Norms

Toronto, ON – November 14, 2011 – Branding guru and up and coming branding star John Miziolek is at the helm of making his company, Reset Branding, a leader in the branding and design world.

Miziolek is one of the premiere strategic branding professionals who is making waves in the cutthroat world of design agencies. He specializes in brand strategy, consumer insights and name generation. His experience in building and revitalizing brands spans every category of consumer packaged goods and corporate development. As one of the co-founders of Reset Branding, Miziolek has turned the traditional design firm model upside down to create an innovative agency that reaches out to clients all over the world.

With offices in Toronto, New York and Chicago, Reset Branding specializes in strategy for both consumer and business-to-business brands. Miziolek is also a celebrated contributor to the design industry and a mogul in the media as a regular contributor on History Television’s show “What’s in a Name?” and has done interviews for CBC Radio and Global News.

Miziolek has exposed major problems in the design firm world, by challenging the traditional model most branding agencies use. “The old design agency model does not work. It is slow, expensive and often misses the mark,” explained Miziolek, “our focus is maximizing brand value.”

He has partnered up with creative powerhouse Franca DiNardo to build one of the most unique and innovative design firms in the industry today, Reset Branding. The pair has created what they call a Global Design Network, which is an, “intricate network of design and innovation leaders from across the world. Conceived by us and built piece by piece, relationship by relationship, it provides real-time data and expertise on trends, consumer insights, innovation and cultural subtleties.”

This network has empowered Miziolek and DiNardo to deliver fully integrated strategic programs and successfully revitalize top tier brands around the world. The Reset Branding approach balances creative brilliance and strategic business needs to ensure a positive impact on financial metrics. Miziolek, the latest mover and shaker in the branding industry, says, “Our goal is to advance the practice of design as a strategic business tool, in order to facilitate growth and change in the design industry.”

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