Joel Helfer, America’s #1 “Strategic Senior,” Helps Seniors Create a Successful First Year of Retirement and Enjoy the Lifestyle They Have Always Dreamed About

Joel Helfer, Author of “57 Rules to Make the Most of Your Retirement Now,” Offers Seniors a Series of Comprehensive Strategies and a Process That Will Make the First Year and the Next 15-20 Years of Their Life Fascinating and Fun!

Chicago, IL – May 8, 2013 – Joel Helfer is turning 65 this month – but don’t call him a “Senior Citizen.” That’s for old people who think they are over the hill. Since refashioning his identity as “America’s #1 Strategic Senior,” the suburban Chicago based change expert and life advisor has created a comprehensive program to help seniors get the most out of their retirement.

Helfer is eager to share the fruits of his extensive research, interviews with retirement mentors, and firsthand experience with clients, to solve intense anxiety and fears surrounding retired people.  He is on a daunting mission to help people who can no longer drive a car, have lost touch with family and friends, and are afraid they are going to outlive their money.

He is determined to help seniors create a new identity for themselves, understand the challenges and obstacles in this new phase of life and provide high value solutions to becoming, like him, a Strategic Senior and create a secure and happy retired life.

Helfer says, “I am interested primarily in the non-financial aspects of retirees, in the critical first year of retirement. Working as a compliment advisor with wealth management professionals, Helfer offer seniors a method to slide into retirement fast, easy and with minimum expense.

Citing  approximately 35% of people in the U.S. have no retirement funds to invest or fall back on, Helfer adds, “Since the current financial position of the vast majority of seniors makes it difficult for them to consider the old traditional form of retirement, a new form with new rules must be created.

He works with seniors to, analyze the changes in relationships with spouses and children, develop a new routine so they don’t get bored or go crazy with all that free time on their hands. He offers seniors proven strategies that will stand the test of time.

Joel believes that while money is an important part of securing a maximum positive retirement experience, time is the most important factor. If the rest of your life depended on you using your time to make the correct decisions, so that not only could you survive, but prosper and live the life of your dreams, wouldn’t you give it as much thought as you do planning a two week vacation.  You bet your life you would.

When Joel begins working with a client, he sends them a list of simple but powerful questions intended to get them thinking about what retirement means to them. “Based on the answers to these questions, I will help them come up with a customized program related to their background, interests and where they are right now in their lives.”
Helfer says, “I help them realize that retirement can be the best time of their lives, only if they are willing to embrace the new possibilities and think positively.

Beyond conducting seminars and Chamber of Commerce Events, Helfer is finding new ways to reach out to seniors. He can be reached by email at [email protected], and if you put “new retirement buddy” in the subject line, he will send you his list of over 100 benefits retirement has to offer, two free copies of his new book (one for you and one for a friend ) and special unannounced bonuses.  If you would like to contact him directly, the old fashioned way (before the days of emails, Facebook, and iPhones), call him at 847-559-8836 or on his cell at 847-946-8522.  He is constantly looking to meet seniors who want a better retirement experience.

If you like what he has to say, you can explore more free info at Joel Heifer’s website,, Here you will find real life stories about people just life yourself.

He has great respect and admiration for those who have reached this stage in life, and are seeking, no nonsense- right to the point information to make life more fun.   Joel Helfer is a Strategic Senior eager to have a chat.

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