Jennifer Washburn Dispels The Most Common Myth About Eyelash Extensions

Jennifer Washburn, president of Advanced Skin and Body Solutions sets out to clarify the fears surrounding eyelash extensions so that anyone can confidently experience one of the most exciting revolutions the beauty industry has even seen.

BELLEVUE, WASHINGTON – August 15, 2014 – Jennifer Washburn, president of Advanced Skin and Body Solutions, a skin care spa, recently posted a new blog on her website. The blog, entitled “Accentuate the Positive – The Truth About Eyelash Extensions” cites poorly trained lash stylists as the number one cause of fear surrounding lash extensions.

Washburn says that, “When it comes to anyone working around and on your eyes you must consider the skillfulness of the stylist, the quality of the products being used and safety protocols that are followed.” Washburn sets the timeframe for a highly trained technician to apply a full set of lashes between two and two-and-a-half hours. Washburn says that a full set of lash extensions is when a single extension is applied to every lash that is long enough and healthy enough for an extension. She suggests looking for a highly trained technician instead of looking for highly discounted prices saying, “expect to pay anywhere between $200 to $300 for a full set of lashes.”

Advanced Skin and Body Solutions specializes in skin care, lash extensions and permanent make up. They pamper clients’ with skin and body treatments that beautify, enhance, correct and rejuvenate your skin.

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About Jennifer Washburn:

Jennifer Washburn is the President of Advanced Skin and Body Solutions. Advanced Skin and Body Solutions in Bellevue, Washington, offers total skin care in a spa atmosphere. Its licensed and trained skin care professionals pamper you with skin and body treatments that beautify, enhance, correct and rejuvenate your skin. The spa environment will relax your mind while licensed Aestheticians provide comprehensive skin care.

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