Jay Tyner: A Conservative Old Soul Providing Secure Retirement Plans

Greensboro, NC – March 6, 2013 – Looking for a conservative financial planner, who will carefully get you through retirement in the safest way possible?

Greatly affected by the poverty he witnessed growing up as a missionary’s son in Ethiopia and South Africa, Jay Tyner is the closest thing to an old soul, without actually being in his 70s.  His personality resonates with the conservative after observing true destitution during his impressionable and formative years in a third world country.

Driven by an innate desire to help secure a bright future for the retirement demographic, Jay founded Semmax Financial Group in the Greensboro, NC area.  Tyner, IAR, RFC, brings 20 years of experience helping this segment of the population protect its legacy.  Semmax Financial Group can assist with everything from retirement planning and wealth transfer strategies to charitable gifting and 401k coaching.

Jay and his staff are all about getting people “through” retirement, because it’s a completely different financial approach.  “You don’t use the same financial strategies that got you to retirement, because once you’re retired and are not getting that paycheck, you’re basically unemployed for the next 30 years,” he stresses.

With a holistic approach, Jay and his staff of eight review everything currently in place with any new client.  These highly trained professionals look carefully to make sure everything in a portfolio has a purpose.  Jay even runs software that inputs income, assets, and inflation, and performs a test to see how long income will last.

As an independent advisor, Jay’s team can manage a portfolio many times for 50 to 75% less in cost than clients are paying now.  He’s not handcuffed to using expensive, buy and hold mutual funds; he and his team actively manages stocks and ETFs.

Jay is also empowering the public on 94.5 FM Rush Radio and WSJS 600 AM through his show the “Financial Safari,” and recently released a new book, “Tsunami Proof Your Retirement.”  Emotionally invested in his client’s best interest, Jay and others like him may be the only way that seniors stand a fighting chance of surviving for the next 10 to 15 years.

To learn more about Semmax Financial Group or any of its services, stop by the corporate offices at 2300 W Meadowview Road, Suite 101, in Greensboro; visit www.semmax.com; or call 1-877-856-0080.

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