Jango Alptekin – Body Transformation and Fitness Expert Achieves Dramatic Results For His Clients

Dorset, UK – August 20, 2012 – Jango Alptekin, founder and owner of Jango Health & Fitness, has established himself as a leading fitness, fat loss, and body transformation expert in the UK and has his sights set on dominating the South Coast with his tested and proven rapid fat loss formula.  He is a Registered Exercise Professional and has been instrumental in helping scores of people lose a significant amount of weight in an astonishingly short period of time.  His clients attribute their success to the “Jango Formula” and are very quick to bring others with them to the high energy, fun, and effective boot camps where participants are experiencing amazing results that they previously thought were unachievable.  Jango’s stated mission is to help people regain their confidence and self-esteem by helping them improve their body shape through correct nutrition and exercise.

Jango’s business is built around helping his clients achieve rapid fat loss.  He identifies his program as a “last resort” type program because people often come to him as a last resort after they have tried every fad diet, exercise DVD’s, traditional gyms, and advertised trends.  On his website he gives people as a free download, what he terms, “Jargon Free Fat Loss Formula.”  He says, “My formula gets straight to the point and teaches you how to recharge your body and get the health kick you need to lose the weight.”

Jango’s reputation is spreading internationally.  He has recently been approached by a major resort in Portugal to discuss the possibility of offering weeklong fitness camps for individuals attending the resort.  He also has his sights set on taking his brand to Turkey as well as dominating the South Coast of England.  He will soon be releasing an “at home” training program for individuals who cannot make it to the local camp.  This program will be available through an online membership site.  Additionally, he has been featured on local radio and is often being mentioned by the local press.  Because of his contribution to his industry and his outstanding business success, he is being featured as one of the World Fitness Elite in The Independent in the UK and in USA Today in America.  Additional information about Jango and his business can be found at www.jangohealthandfitness.co.uk.

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