James Dicks™ Magazine Begins Its Fifth Year of Publication

Over the past four years, James Dicks Magazine has featured numerous prominent cover stories including Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke, supermodel and businesswoman Kathy Ireland, businessman Steve Forbes, CNBC news anchor Maria Bartiromo and former speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives Newt Gingrich.

James Dicks Magazine Editor in Chief Jennifer Dicks Burg said, “The most valuable aspect of the magazine is its range of article content. From the novice investor to the advanced trader, the magazine includes many types of investment vehicles to help the reader discover new ways to diversify their investment portfolio including stocks, FOREX, options and real estate.”

In 2005, the magazine debuted its free, online version allowing subscribers to read the magazine anywhere in the world. James Dicks Magazine now has more than 65,000 online and print subscribers.

About the James Dicks™ Magazine:

James Dicks Magazine is dedicated to providing alternative investment solutions for active investors. With articles covering investments such as stocks, options, real estate, mutual funds, tax lien certificates, discount mortgages, exchanged traded funds, business opportunities and the FOREX, James Dicks Magazine is the only magazine diversified investors need to read. To learn more or to subscribe to the magazine visit JamesDicks.com.

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