IRS Angel: Local Angel Helping the Community Solve Their Tax Problems

Garden City, NY – January 3, 2012 – Yael Lazar wears the same piece of statement jewelry every day— a necklace with an angel charm. Yael is an attorney who specializes in tax resolution, tax preparation and audit representation. The necklace was a thank you present given to her by one of her very elated clients.

After a few of her clients dubbed her their IRSAngel, it stuck and became the name of her firm. Yael says, “That’s what I’m about. I’m here to save you, protect you and resolve your IRS issues in a positive way.”

When a call is placed to IRSAngel, Yael herself often answers the phone. Her warm nature and infectious laugh immediately puts one at ease. According to Yael, “My clients are great people who have gotten themselves into an unfortunate situation. They may not know how to find a solution, which is where I come in.”

A typical IRSAngel client is someone who prepares a tax return, realizes they’re going to owe money and delays filing because they simply don’t have the money. Many of them say they won’t file now because they’re going to save up the money to pay. More often than not, it becomes difficult to save the money and the situation snowballs. What many people don’t realize is that there are payment options. In many cases, a monthly payment to the IRS may be less expensive than a credit card bill.

Since IRSAngel is a local firm, Yael has clients that hand deliver sensitive financial information. Not only do they feel more at ease, but it also allows them to have a more personal relationship with her.

Yael can look out her office window and see the IRS building. Knowing many of the revenue officers personally allows her to pick up the phone or meet with them to come up with a solution that works for her clients. But Yael doesn’t just solve the immediate issue. She counsels her clients on sound financial practices and helps them develop a financial plan.

At the end of the case, Yael frequently hears “I feel so much better” from her clients. She says, “I love seeing a happy client with their IRS problems resolved in a way that exceeded their expectations.”

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