Internet Marketing Expert Graig Presti Featured in Newsweek

Graig Presti, President of, was recently featured in Newsweek as one of America’s PremierExperts.

Orlando, FL – February 13, 2013 – Graig Presti, President and CEO of, was recently featured in Newsweek with other leading professionals as one of America’s PremierExperts’® “Champions.” In the Newsweek feature, Graig Presti and other leading experts from various industries were asked for their “Knockout Strategies on Health, Wealth and Success.”

Mr. Presti remarked, “The days of traditional business marketing are dead! The Internet and social media are the ways of the future, possibly even your survival as a business. The best way to get new clients and more new profit into your business is via the Internet. Done right, it’s the best strategy for new clients, period! If you want to generate more income and more clients, master the Internet.” is a service that specializes in helping Dental Practices dominate their local area by using Local Search Engine Optimization. Patients are searching for dental care, right there in your hometown, using the Internet. And, every major search engine is rushing to become the next local phone book.

“We teach you how your dental practice can generate a flood of new patients by dominating the top of local search on Google, Yahoo and Bing(MSN)! Don’t let your dental practice get left behind in the local search engine game!,” said Graig.

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