Intelecis President and CEO Frans Trisnadi Featured On MarketWatch

Frans Trisnadi was recently featured on MarketWatch and other major online media outlets, including Morningstar, Reuters, Yahoo! Finance and and many others. 

FREDRICK CHRISITAN SELF IMAGEOrange County, CA December 16, 2015 – A feature story about Frans Trisnadi was recently seen on MarketWatch as well as the other major online publications such as, Yahoo! Finance, Reuters,, and many others.

Frans Trisnadi inspires his peers to look at the bigger picture by asking, “Now that you’ve done all this, what is your Version 2.0?”

As President and CEO of Intelecis, a thriving, proactive and business tech focused Orange County, CA based IT firm, Frans Trisnadi is frequently invited to share his expertise on the crucial topic of Cybersecurity to large groups of professionals in the escrow, healthcare, insurance and financial services industries.

Over the past few years, even as he and his team have built Intelecis into one of the region’s most trusted IT companies, Trisnadi has expanded his influence beyond the two industries where he has experienced the majority of his success as an entrepreneur. Before entering the IT world in 2010, he was a prominent property developer, real estate investor and Founder and President of Trisnadi Capital Partners.

One of the key components of his mission and branding as a multi-faceted thought leader, coach and success influencer is his ability to connect with entrepreneurs and CEOs, who, like him, have experienced waves of great economic triumphs and downturns – and emerged from down swings stronger and more determined to succeed than ever.

Trisnadi openly shares his personal comeback story, which includes the hard won wisdom he gained from the dark period of his career between Trisnadi Capital Partners and the founding of Intelecis. He attributes his success during this time to his vision and relentless ability to attract the best and brightest people in the industry and effectively empowering the day-to-day functions to his talented team as he sought more investment opportunities. And then, due in part to the Great Recession on top of speculative investments in vacation rentals, the bottom fell out – leaving him and his partners with millions dollars in personal guarantees.

During the years when Trisnadi Capital Partners was growing, Trisnadi recognized the need for more computers, servers and phone systems. He knew they needed to leverage technology to make his team more efficient while he was traveling around the country looking for investment opportunities. But he wasn’t able to find an IT company that offered a flat-rate monthly fee, or one that would act as his IT department and have full accountability for its services. Those firms he hired were more interested in finger pointing and “putting out fires” than taking a proactive approach that helps avoid breakdowns, smooth business operations and minimize unnecessary costs.

He currently takes an active part and leadership role on the board for Entrepreneur Organization’s Accelerator Program, seeking wise counsel of other successful entrepreneurs as he gives back and shares his wealth of knowledge with them. “My desire to serve as a mentor and conduct personal and leadership coaching for entrepreneurs is rooted in the fact that many of my successes and failures are tremendous learning experiences,” says Trisnadi, a business graduate of Cal Poly Pomona who launched his career in IT and telecommunications leading business development teams at MCI, Siemens and AT&T. “But those nuts and bolts are just the foundation for my deeper interest in helping people discover a life of purpose and significance.’




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