Illinois Wellness Group Says Salt And Fat Deadens Your Taste Buds, But You Can Get Them Back

The Illinois Wellness Group, leaders in whole-body wellness, cover where excess salt and fat are hidden, how they affect our taste buds, and what people can do to make food taste better than ever.

Naperville, IL – June 9, 2014 – The Illinois Wellness Group published a new article discussing the effects of salt and fat on how we perceive taste. Restaurants and processed foods tend to pack excess salt and fat into every bite to enhance flavor, but the real result is a deadening of taste buds, which means more salt and fat are needed to satisfy.

The article reads: “People on whole foods diets tend to enjoy their diet more, preferring the flavors of their lower fat and lower sodium diets to anything that comes out of a bag or box. This is because our tongues are masters of adaptation, becoming more sensitive to salt and fat when we eat less of them, which means we need less butter on our morning toast and less salt in our soup to get the same enjoyment.”

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Built on the belief that your body was made to be well, Illinois Wellness Group (IWG) is leading the way in helping patience achieve whole-body, ultimate wellness. IWG clinics are the home of integrative wellness care with state-of-the-art clinics designed to be warm and welcoming.

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